Following The Pack's attack on Providence led by Van Kleiss the organization is still recovering, and Van Kleiss is stronger then ever with the power to actually create EVOs. On top of that a even more powerful variety of EVOs are coming out of the wood work as a result of research on their biology. Rex has to discover the secrets behind the Omega-1 Nanite in order to fight this new breed of threats.


Rex at Noah's house

Rex at Noah's house.

Following the events of the first season finale Providence is still undergoing repairs. As a result Rex Salazar and Bobo Haha have been living with, and annoying, Noah Nixon whom is trying to study for midterms. Rex has also been training extensively to try to unlock more new builds using the Control nanite without success thus far.

Rex and Bobo are called down to the docks to deal with a rampaging EVO to which Noah comes along. Arriving on scene Rex realizes, based on a gold colored handprint on the EVO, that Van Kleiss created it, and cures it. It's soon revealed that the EVO was meant as a distraction while Van Kleiss and the Pack steals a energy core meant for Providence which Doctor Holiday calculates could power Abysus for half a decade.

Rex personally goes after the quadrio, easily dispatching Biowulf, Skalamander, and Breach in under a minute. Rex attempts to fight Van Kleiss using the Blast Caster again but this time Van Kleiss is prepared for it, Rex instead attempts to fight him with yet another new build but fails to make it. Noah attempts to help Rex fight Van Kleiss by pinning him to a wall with a fork lift but Van Kleiss takes advantage and turns him into a Gorilla/Dog EVO.

Rex chases Noah

Rex chases now Noah after he is turned into an EVO.

Rex gives chase to Noah during which Doctor Holiday calls, she ran a test on a sample of the EVO. Rex cured and discovers that Noah's condition will get progressively worst until he becomes completely incurable. Rex chases Noah into the subway system where he encounters Van Kleiss again. This time Noah and Rex team up to fight Van Kleiss with the help of a new Build, the Fun-Chucks, and beats him into submission at which point Rex finally cures Noah.

Van Kleiss soon reveals that he was another distraction, this one to lure away all the Providence personnel from the docks so that Breach could steal the power core at which point she also rescues him. Rex returns to Providence and resumes trying to unlock more new builds, the latest one being what he believes to be a Water Jet. Six agrees with Rex's decision to return to the under-construction HQ informing him that food and hot water will be his responsibility.[1]

Waste Land

Rex was in the middle of a bath when he is informed of a new mission by Agent Six. A research ship powered by nuclear fuel rods was sunk near the Pacific garbage vortex: a massive whirl pool in the middle of the pacific ocean that has gathered together every scrap of garbage in the seven seas into a island roughly twice the size of Texas. Those same currents scooped up every active nanite in the oceans causing the island to be populated by EVOs.

Rex underwater

Rex underwater.

The ship was sunk by a Whale EVO but the crew was returned to land safe and sound. Rex is hopeful as the EVO displayed signs of a conscious and intelligence. Six however is more pessimistic, fearing that the nuclear fuel rods will be used in a weapon. Rex and Six dive into the area and are attacked by EVOs. Rex is put at a disadvantage because most of his builds are too heavy to use underwater and the rest work differently.

Rex and Six are cornered inside what appears to be a city for the EVOs. There Rex encounters and makes peace with the leader of the EVOs whom identifies himself as Serge and the city as Aquania. After Rex displays interest in Serge's work with the EVOs he decides to explain: he use to be a ocean photographer and after he turned EVO he felt he had more in common with them then humanity and decided to stay.

Since then he also discovered that some of the EVOs can convert even the most harmful of the garbage, plastics and oils, into EVO coral which Serge and the EVOs use to expand and build Aquania. Rex however reveals their reason for coming to Aquania. Serge had sunk the ship to prevent Aquania's discovery but now the two are tangled up together and is threatening to destabilize the city.To this end Serge and the EVOs intend to sink the ship into the trench beneath Aquania where it won't threaten the area again. However should they succeed then the fuel rods will be inadvertently crushed by the ocean pressure and the currents that created Aquania will spread the toxic material all over the ocean.

Rex and the reactor cores

Rex swims down to the reactor cores.

Before the others can be stopped the ship is sunk. Rex entered the ship alone to retrieve the fuel rods and is narrowly killed when his helmet is falls off and is crushed by the pressure. Serge comes in and saves Rex using a Jellyfish EVO to replace his lost oxygen supply and together retrieved the fuel rods. Once Aquania and the rods are safe again Rex and Six promised not to reveal Aquania's secret to anyone. While they were leaving Rex revealed that he took one of the infant Crab EVOs and intended to give it to Doctor Holiday as a souvenir.[1]

Lost Weekend

Rex and Bobo were in the middle of fighting some sort of tree like EVO when Rex received a call from Skwydd about a party he'll be working at in the desert. Rex and Bobo rush back to HQ to pack a few things for the party when they're called into a meeting by White Knight. As it turns out White has also heard of the party, particularly of it's EVO entertainment.

Kenwyn and Rex meet Skwydd

Rex enjoying his times with Skwydd and Kenwyn.

White intends to send Rex and Bobo to the party in order to determine if the EVOs are a threat. Joining the two EVOs on the mission will be the fresh out of boot camp top of the class Lieutenant Kenwyn Jones. The trio arrive at the Party there they meet up with Skwydd. While Kenwyn goes to check on the entertainers Skwydd tells Rex in private that some of the EVOs are receiving threats from a anonymous source.

Shortly after Skwydd goes berserk, losing control of his powers, after a few minutes he falls unconscious. Rex attempts to ask another of the performers, Thump for information, without consulting Kenwyn. Rex notices that guests are beginning to leave and realizes that means whoever is responsible for what happened can leave too. Rex thusly replaces Skwydd as entertainment in order to keep the guests there.

While Kenwyn and Rex are arguing Thump is shot in the back by another EVO named Mouse. Kenwyn captures Mouse and discovers that she's completely human, a elderly lady and school teacher no less. She is apparently a follower of Hunter Cain's philosophy that humanity and EVOs cannot live together in peace, everyone there has committed a unforgivable crime and thus she and her partner intend to kill everyone there including themselves.

203-Kenwyn questions Mouse

Rex and Kenwyn interrogate Mouse.

When questioned about who her partner is she reveals him to be another of the entertainers called a AMP who has the ability to amplify other EVO abilities as well as blow up most inorganic material. He is amplifying his own abilities to transform himself into a living bomb. Rex soon finds himself at a disadvantage, if he hits AMP he'll blow up his machines if he gets hit he'll lose control like Skwydd.

Luckily Skwydd and Kenwyn come to the rescue, Kenwyn runs interference while Skwydd uses his still enhanced ink to wrap around AMP and suppress the explosion. Back at HQ Kenwyn gives the report, claiming that Rex did everything by the book, thus leading White to conclude that they'll have to be paired up more often. Rex comments on the irony of Mouse's plot as she, a human, teamed with AMP, a EVO to prove that humans and EVOs can't work together as well as the fact that it was a human and a EVO working together that defeated her.[2]


Rex and Bobo were in the middle of repairing the Bug Jar's shield generator, Rex wearing his new stealth suit. However more pressing matters have arisen. Rex spots Van Kleiss and The Pack, including Circe, in the sewers and soon discovers that they're planning on forging a alliance with NoFace in a plot for world domination. While Van Kliess negotiates with NoFace Rex spies on the other Pack members and stupidly gives himself away.

Pack in the Bug Jar

The Pack gives up Rex to Van Kleiss.

Rex is able to fly Circe away with him and attempts to convince her to join him at Providence. Instead Rex gets into a fight with Circe who is ultimately victorious. The Pack presents Rex to Van Kleiss whom decides to give him to NoFace as a gift to sweeten the negotiations.

Rex is able to take advantage to drive a wedge between Van Kleiss and NoFace. Whereas NoFace wants to kill Rex Van Kleiss needs him alive, calling him the key to "everything." With this Rex feigns death and escapes. Unfortunately the shield finally gives way and the EVOs begin escaping.

Circe finally sees Van Kleiss for what he is and uses her powers to try and hold them in the city while Rex fixes the generator. Help comes in the most unlikeliest of sources in the form of Biowulf who actions are simply to spite NoFace. Rex, Bobo, and Circe escape the Bug Jar on the Rex Ride just in time for the shield to reactivate. Afterwards Bobo retrieves a Providence Motorcycle for Circe.

Though she's no longer with the Pack she still feels she can't belong at Providence, instead Rex suggests that she moves to Hong Kong and with that they leave on a good note.[3]

Robo Bobo

Rex was fighting, and losing to, another Rabbit EVO outside of the Providence HQ. The two are ambushed by, of all people, Bobo who instead of taking down the rabbit via his usual gun ho methods feeds her a ball of Alfafa to calm her down. Bobo continues to show suspicious behavior, being a good sport in poker and fixing a vehicle he trashed as part of a prank.

Rex asks Doctor Holiday about Bobo's unusual behavior to which she reveals that it's not as unusual behavior as one might think. Before Bobo was a EVO he was the pet of a wealthy but eccentric philanthropist who trained him to be a entertainer at various children's hospitals. Still suspicious Rex sets a trap for Bobo in the form of a small party. When Bobo reacts with indifference to the party he confirms his suspicions that he isn't the real Bobo.

Rex talks to Bobo

Rex speaks to the real Bobo Haha through Robo Bobo.

Rex and the impostor fight ending in Rex ripping the impostors head off revealing him to be a robot. The real Bobo contacts Rex via a "TV in the butt" of the robot. Bobo explains that every once in a while he needs "Bobo time" and thus brings out Robo Bobo so that no one will be suspicious. Bobo blackmails Rex into not revealing the robot to anyone.

Deciding to make the most of the situation Rex reprograms Robo Bobo to have the "Bad is Good and Good is Bad" mentality of Bobo. Rex gets Robo to rip off the other agents in poker and trashes the vehicle he fixed again. Rex notes how upset Robo is over the reprogramming and nearly turns him back to normal. However they're is called down to the Petting Zoo by Doctor Holiday because of a crisis.

As it turns out the rabbit that Robo and Rex caught earlier is a starving pregnant mother who has just given birth. Imbued with Rex's reprogramming Robo releases the EVOs from the Zoo as part of "the ultimate practical joke" and declares himself king of the EVOs. While Rex fights the mother, Doctor Holiday and Agent Six recollect the EVOs the returned Bobo Haha destroys Robo.

Bobo covers for Rex claiming that the robot was sent by an old enemy from his past and though Six seemed suspicious he appeared to buy the story. The episode ends with Rex chasing after Bobo with the Smack Hands.[4]

Divide By Six

Rex is seen playing a fighting game in a arcade featuring humanoid animals. Rex beats the game and gets a burger for supper. On his way back to HQ Rex spots a dark figure in a alley and chases after him. In the alley Rex is ambushed by a strange group of people who proceed to defeat and capture him. Rex awakens inside a Providence Jump Jet piloted by Agent Six.

Six explains that his name comes from the fact that he's the Sixth most dangerous person on the planet and thus introduces the 2nd through 5th most dangerous people on the planet: Dos a elderly Spanish gentleman, Trey a large French brawler, IV (pronounced ivy) a scarred and bandaged man whose wrappings act like a extension of his body and Five a pink haired British rocker.

The five of them have kidnapped Rex to bring them to a small island where their master turned EVO, One, is being kept. One started to turn EVO shortly after the Nanite Event but has been able to prevent himself from going full EVO via incredible will power and a intensively discipline mind. In the event that he should go full EVO he has been locked in a cage built over a volcano and should he fail to inter a fail safe code every 41 minuets he'll be dropped into the lava.

During the first attempt to cure One his EVO instincts take control of him and he runs off. Everyone runs him down and restrains him allowing Rex to try and cure him again only to discover that he is incurable. Discovering that One is apparently hopeless the others decide to kill him rather than live the rest of his life as a caged animal.

One and Rex run outside the volcano. Six and Rex end up fighting the others off Rex with the power of yet another new build, The Bad-Axes, and defeats the others. Rex tries to cure One again. In the process Rex is taken over by the dying EVO who uses the opportunity to tell the others how proud he is of them especially Six whom instead of simply staying a mercenary is now a true hero.

When One dies he is fused to the island restoring it to full life. On their way back to the HQ Rex questions if Six is the new One seeing as how he beat the others. Six explains that their rank is not a reflection of their skill but who is the most dangerous Six admits that once he did want to be One but that changed after he met Rex.[5]

Mixed Signals

Rex, Agent Six, and a strike team of Providence agents are dealing with a massive Starfish EVO and during the fight Rex begins uncontrollably building a bizarre machine. Rex at first believes that the EVO is trying to talk to him but his attempt at communication results in the starfish being cut in two which by the nature of Starfish causes it to reproduce.

Rex is thus benched until he can regain control of himself. According to Doctor Holiday and a medical checkup she did on Rex there's nothing wrong with him aside from a bizarre craving for salmon and Pineapple pizza. Deciding to figure out what the device is suppose to do Rex decides to build it the old fashion way via every electronic device he can find which takes control of him and attacks Bobo and Doctor Holiday.

At the same time a bizarre man in a even stranger suit invades the HQ gunning directly for Rex whom identifies himself as Rex's long lost brother Caesar Salazar. Caesar proves himself Rex's brother via revealing that Rex has a small scar on the back of his right knee. Caesar takes Rex to his Research Pod so that they can get away from Providence long enough for Caesar to explain himself.

Ceasar states that he was one of the scientists that worked on the Nanite Project that resulted in the Nanite Event. While trying to escape the explosion Caesar activated the ship's subspace engine which super charged the ship's engines and caused Caesar to move so fast that in the 15 minutes it toke him to get the ship under control 5 years had went by.

Providence traces the brothers to the arctic where Caesar piloted the ship to trying to get away from Providence. Rex accidentally activates the ship's recall device which brings them back to the site of the nanite event which is to say Abysus. The brothers are narrowly able to escape Van Kleiss's forces. The brothers are informed that the Starfish has continued to split up.

Rex attempts to fight the EVO on his own but Caesar soon realizes that he's in over his head and uses a nanite formula to force the EVO back into one EVO which is easily captured. Caesar decides to go to work at Providence. While Rex is happy that he finally found his long lost brother but he feels like a complete stranger to him and the people at Providence are his true family.[6]


Rex and Bobo are sent on a mission in South America to investigate the Providence Amazonian Base in the small village known as La Selva where a group calling themselves the Green Fist appears to be stealing EVOs from the outpost and, as feared by White Knight, selling them on the Black Market to Van Kleiss. Arriving in La Selva Rex soon learns that Providence is greatly disliked by the locals as their presence generally means bad news.

Rex meets with the head of the local chapter of Providence named agent Oso Maretelo whom takes the two on a tour of the facility. First he shows them the Kennel where the EVOs are kept. The smaller ones are harmless and rather friendly they'd be let go if it weren't bad for politics. Larger creatures on the other hand have proven to be quite violent and will be shipped off to the Petting Zoo.

The EVO Oso had described to Rex attacks him through the bars. Rex and Bobo are able to save Oso by electrocuting the EVO and as thanks Oso offers to buy Rex and Bobo drinks at the local bar. There Rex tries to improve Providence's relationship with the locals results in him getting into a drinking contest with a woman named Valentina and discovers the hard way that their drink is rice milk that passed through a Monkey's digestive track.

Rex triggers a bar fight when he spits his drink all over Valentina. Oso and Bobo are able to help break up the fight but they end up getting thrown out. The trio set up a trap for the Green Fist that night, luring them into the Kennel and trapping them but in the process all the EVOs are turned loose, including the one Rex save Oso from earlier. Rex also discovers that Valentina is the Leader of the Green Fist.

The EVO infects Rex and two members of the Green Fist with a powerful poison. Rex's nanites slow the spread of the poison but not for long, the two Green Fist Members have even less time. Valentina explains that the Green Fist were neither kidnapping EVOs nor selling them but releasing them back into the wild where they believe they belong going so far as to call Rex a traitor to his kind for allying against EVOs.

Valentina offers her assistance in retrieving the EVO that infected her people with whose DNA Doctor Holiday can synthesize an antidote. While tracking down the EVO the group splits in two, Oso and Bobo in one Rex and Valentina in another. Rex and Valentina soon find the EVO Rex quickly begins loosing the fight from the poison. Luckily a trap Valentina had earlier set is tripped with the EVO inside.

Rex gets the DNA sample and sends it to Holiday and then tries to cure the EVO but ends up failing miserably. Valentina realizes that the creature is the legendary Chupacabra. Realizing that the Chupacabra is part of the natural order Rex decides to let it go followed by Valentina as she helped him save his life. Rex gets the antidote and decides to leave with Bobo, he managed to improve Providence's relationship with the locals by promising to replace the goats slain by the Chupacabra.[7]


Aware of Noah's recent girl troubles Rex arranges another double date between himself, Noah, Claire, and Annie (despite claiming that he would never go on another date with Annie after what happened last time) to the movies, specifically watching a horror movie called Shout. Rex's intention is to scare the girls into clinging to him and Noah but the movie ends up making both girls cling to Rex alone with Noah getting mad at him.

Rex consults Caesar about scaring the girls again. Caesar proposes that they take the girls to the Wrightson hotel and rig it with his tech to create all the symptoms of a haunting (EMP's, moving objects, cold spots etc) all under the control of Rex and his technopathy. Rex arrives at the rigged hotel with Noah and explains the plan, shortly after Annie and Claire arrive as well.

Once inside Rex listens to Claire's story about the hotel. According to her there has been an uptake of paranormal activity ever since the Nanite Event, and the late Mr. Wrightson whose ghost now haunts the hotel. Rex notes a detail that he and Caesar didn't plan, claw marks all over the hotel. Rex's first plan to make Claire cling to Noah, a super cold spot in the gardens, fails Rex instead goes with plan B.

Noah will check for EMP's in front of the couch that the girls are sitting on which Rex has already rigged to move forward on command. The plan goes off without a hitch with both Claire and Annie sitting on the couch and clinging to Noah. Suddenly the couch floats into the second floor and is torn to shreds by something Rex didn't plan.

Not planning that detail Rex begins to fear that the hotel may actually be haunted and tries to get the others to leave inadvertently revealing that he rigged the hotel. Angry the girls ignore Rex's warning about the hotel being haunted and take their frustrations out by digging out Ceasar's technology. After finding the Super Chiller hidden in the Green house and the Super magnet under the lobby the group is attacked by the ghost.

Rex briefly touches the ghost and realizes that it's not a ghost but some sort of cloud like EVO which exists as a body-less cloud of Nantes. Claire theorizes that they can use Caesar's super magnet to hold the cloud together long enough for Rex to deal with it. Unfortunately while the magnet renders the EVO semi solid it alone proves ineffective in stopping the EVO.

Instead Claire further theorizes that a blast from the super chiller could amplify the magnetic properties of the EVO's nanites and thus completely hold it together. Annie's clumsiness causes the group to lose the super Chiller underneath a piano and results in Claire and Noah in a elevator. Rex retrieves the Chiller and uses it on the EVO and trapping it in a block of ice.

Rex successfully cures the EVO revealing it to be a cat specifically Wrightson cat from when he was alive. Rex rescues Claire and Noah from the elevator and they leave. Claire and Annie agree that while it was wrong of Rex and Noah to trick them they did have a good time. At this point Caesar arrives with a holographic trap and amazed by his technology Claire begins cosey up to him once again getting Noah mad at Rex.[8]


Rex is sent on a mission to Coney Island where a massive EVO is on a rampage. Rex defeats the EVO easily enough but afterwards discovered that a pair of Providence dropouts named Rombauer and Lansky have started a EVO pest control business called the EVO Guys dealing with small and relatively harmless EVOs in New York City.

Rex questions Six about the duo to which he states that they provide a helping hand and thus he can't see a reason to complain. Rex decides to talk to the duo and finds them in the middle of dealing with what resembles a giant Frog EVO and despite added help from Rex the EVO gets away. Rex decides to start working with the duo if for lack of a better reason then to get away from Providence.

The combination of Rex's powers, experience, and the non-threatening nature of the EVOs soon cause Rex to begin to overshadow the others. The final straw comes in the form of the Frog whom the trio stumble upon in the subway and discover has the ability to mass produce a highly corrosive fungus which hardens into a nearly indestructible crystal if exposed to light.

The dangerous nature of the EVO causes Rex to try to go after it while the others are called to deal with another EVO Providence has arrived on scene above ground, apparently the EVO's mass produced crystal is reeking havoc above ground and it has also blocked off all entrance into the subway system. Rombauer and Lansky come back and help, mostly because the crystal has cut off their escape route.

With Rex incapacitated by the EVO Rombauer and Lansky are able to incapacitate the EVO by shining their flash lights on it trapping it in it's own crystal. Above ground the crystal has begun to break up and the EVO is taken into Providence custody. Rex offers Rombauer and Lansky a second chance at joining Providence but they decide that they prefer to take down the less dangerous EVOs of New York.[9]

Without a Paddle

Noah attempts to convince Rex to sign up at his school, Benjamin Franklin High School, so that he might participate in the Ping Pong tournament since his three previous partners have been incapacitated in practice matches against the "East-side EVOs". Rex jokingly suggests that they broke their pinky's during the matches to which Noah reveals that their pinky's were the only things that weren't broken.

Now curious Noah shows Rex his prospective opponents, a pair of EVO twins named Gabriel and Michael whom as a result of their mutation have been fused together into a massive hulking brute. At school Rex and Noah are virtually worshiped by the other students because of being on the Ping Pong team which the other students take way too seriously.

Rex also does surprisingly well in school, Noah managed to sign him up in all the "easy classes" except for Buchiner's Trigonometry class who has no love for the Ping Pong tournament and whose tests have a reputation for giving students and staff alike nightmares. Rex does shockingly well on a trigonometry pop quiz going so far as to compare it to aiming his Slam Cannon.

Rex also captures a East Side Spy whom was sent to investigate the rumors that the Benjamin High Ping Pong team has a EVO on it's roster which is to say Rex. Rex allows the child to go seeing as how he's no threat. When the time of the tournament comes the twins are juiced by their father/Coach using a Nanite enhancer patch who attempts to sabotage Rex via the same method.

During the match Rex and the twins attempt to one up each other the twins grow four extra arms and Rex uses the Smack Hands to use a giant over sized ping pong paddle. Unfortunately the nanite enhancer drives the twins violently insane causing Rex to go after them. After a long brutal battle Rex defeats the twins and short out their patch, unable to do anything else for them because they're incurable.

The twins inform their father that they don't even like ping pong and would rather take piano. The principal expels Rex because of the damages the school sustained during the fight against the twins. Once back at HQ Rex informs Doctor Holiday of his time at school and that he rather enjoyed it. Holiday is glad because after hearing that he "only" got a 98 on his Trigonometry test she's decided to tutor him in Trig, Spanish and other courses much to Rex's grief.[10]

Written in Sand

Rex and a team of Providence scientists are sent out into the desert to investigate the cause of a nanite free zone inside a sand storm. Rex is approaching the center of the storm when he spots another party investigating the storm. The Pack, at the moment consisting of Van Kleiss, Biowulf and Skalamander, are also inside the sand storm.

Rex naturally attacks the trio of EVOs and in the process he and Van Kleiss are sucked underground. At first things seem to be at a stalemate between the two Van Kleiss keeps creating EVOs using what few animals are left and Rex keeps curing them however something is soon revealed to be wrong when a scorpion Van Kleiss turns attacks him instead of Rex.

Rex questions the reason why Van Kleiss would be after the secret behind a nanite free zone to which Van Kleiss reveals he intends to destroy it. "What Providence calls a cure I call death" as he puts it. The two soon discover that not only are their nanites being crushed from their bodies but also all the elements of life such as Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, etc leaving nothing but sand.

Rex naturally states they need to get out of the area but Van Kleiss points out that if they don't find the cause behind the sand storm then it will continue to grow unopposed quite possibly consuming the planet. Van Kleiss starts by trying to decipher the hieroglyphics lining the caves but Rex is uninterested, more focused on getting out alive.

As Van Kleiss puts it Rex is rather headstrong much like his mother, he offers to tell Rex more of his past but he is uninterested, he has someone he can trust to tell him of his past, Caesar. Van Kleiss claims that Caesar is un-trust worthy and backs up the statement with Caesar's bizarre behavior, however before he says more he wants some information from Rex about the Omega-1 Nanite.

Rex states that his machines are powered by gravity and the exhaust is selenium. With Van Kleiss's question answered Rex asks the big one, who is responsible for the Nanite Event and Nanite Project, his answer none other than Caesar Salazar. The revelation causes Rex to lose his temper and smash a nearby column which triggers the creation of Sand Sentries whom Rex and Van Kleiss defeat.

Rex pieces together various clues and determines that they're not in a series of underground tunnels belonging to some ancient ruins as Van Kleiss thought but a series of massive circuit boards that are part of a computer. Rex smashes his way through the maze of computers and finds the center where he discovers the remains of the satellite destroyed in Gravity and Zag RS who is responsible for the nanite storm powered by the circuit boards.

Van Kleiss reveals that he is fully aware of what Zag RS is, a nanite decontamination program created by Caesar during the nanite project designed to destroy any and all stray Nantes released from their containment tank during the project. Over whelmed by Zag RS and it's new mecha body Van Kleiss reveals that the Omega-1 Nanite has a nanite replication program.

With this Rex is able to hold Zag RS off long enough for Van Kleiss to stab into Zag RS and shut it down before he escapes. Rex tries to talk to Caesar about what he learned from Van Kleiss. Caesar admits to starting the project but as for the Nanite event they'll have to ask Zag RS whom Caesar reactivates. Sadly it seems that Van Kleiss dumped the AI's memory though Rex has begun to fear that what Van Kleiss said about Caesar is true.[11]

Night Falls

Caesar takes Rex to a Mexican village where the two spent their summers during their childhood hoping to jog a few of Rex's memories loose. The two meet up with Caesar's old high school chum Mayor Esteban before going to see Abuela a woman who apparently helped raise half the village including Caesar and Rex. Esteban advises against going to see Abuela and insists on waiting until sun up.

Undeterred the two go see Abuela anyway and while at first greets the two warmly she slams the door in their face and they end up sleeping in Caesar's Mobile research lab. When morning comes Abuela makes the brother's breakfast amd explains her earlier hostilities as she was simply not prepared for guests but now welcomes the brothers into her home with open arms.

Once on the inside Rex spots what appears to be claw marks all over the place being plastered over the place which Abuela chalks up to erosion. A teenager living at the community calling himself Federico approaches Rex and states that they're childhood friends, collectively nicknamed "Las Cabezas De Trapos", whom sadly Rex can't remember.

During dinner everyone suddenly goes to bed at sun down at 6:30PM. During the night Rex discovers that a were-wolf like EVO has snuck into Federico's room and apparently devoured him whole. Rex subsequently smashes the EVO into town and during the fight against it destroys a portion of the town only for Abuela and Caesar to arrive and explain that the EVO that he's fighting is Federico.

Morning comes and Federico is returned to normal, Esteban arrives on scene and orders Abuela to pack up the community of EVOs and leave town, since everyone is sick and tired of having to clean up after the constant rampages of the EVOs to which Abuela states that they're not leaving and they can't force them. A test by Caesar reveals that a dormant strain of DNA in Federico's and the others genomes is what's responsible for the werewolf problem.

Rex tries to cure Federico but his nanites aren't active during the day they'll have to wait until night fall. Rex and Federico have a game of soccer outside the commune, when questioned why Federico hasn't joined a soccer team yet he recounts his sad tale in which he discovered that he was a EVO in front of a group of soccer scouts. At this point Hunter Cain arrives having been hired by Esteban to drive out the EVOs.

Hunter however simply intends to wipe out the community and Rex with them Federico begins transforming into a EVO again and Rex gets him back to the commune in time to transform. Rex instructs Abuela that they'll need every man, woman and EVO out fighting if they hope to live through Hunter's attack, pointing out that they're all living in fear inside a self induced prison.

With this Abuela releases the EVOs and together with Rex and Caesar they fight Hunter. During the fight Hunter reveals that he bribed his way out of prison and has been saving the last of his anti Nanite rounds specifically to kill Rex. Unfortunately for Hunter Federico kicks him out of the village augmented with EVO super strength.

Caesar attempts to reprogram Federico's and the others nanites so that Rex could cure them but instead they give them the ability to shift between EVO and human at will as well as control themselves in EVO form. With this the EVOs chase Hunter and his men out of town. With the drama over with the towns people reconcile with the EVOs and join them for dinner at Abuela's.[12]

Hard Target

Rex was in the middle of delivering Chinese food to Providence HQ when he was ambushed on his way back by Breach. Hearing from Breach that she's on a mission to Hong Kong involving a "old friend" of Rex's. Naturally assuming she means Circe Rex jumps through a portal after her. Rex comes out in a subway and quickly makes his way to his Old gang's hideout.

Finding Tuck, Cricket, Skwydd and Circe safe and sound Rex is led to the belief that Breach simply prank him. Deciding to hang out with his old friends now that he knows they're not in danger. The group goes to the local Chinese restaurant and soon discovers himself left out of the conversation since he can't remember his times with old friends and his previous encounter's with Circe consisting of fights with Van Kleiss.

Rex also discovers that the members of the gang appear to be in a romantic relationship with one another, Tuck with Cricket and Circe with Skwydd which makes him even more uncomfortable. Rex receives a distress call from the local Providence base whom are under attack by Breach. There he discovers that the "old friend" was Quarry whom Breach was ordered to break out of prison to steal a item for Van Kleiss.

Quarry double crosses Breach and escapes through one of her portals while leaving one of his Enforcers to deal with Rex. Rushing back to the hide out Rex informs the group of Quarry's escape in the process luring Breach to the group whom kidnaps Circe and trashes the hideout. Rex is informed of Quarry on a rampage with the weapon Van Kleiss wanted him to steal, the Molecular Destabilizer.

Rex confronts Quarry and is locked in a stalemate with him, Quarry keeps destroying Rex's builds while Rex and the Omega-1 Nanite keeps remaking them. Finally Rex is able to Break the stalemate by making a brand new build, the Block Party using the shield generators to deflect Quarries own attack against him and destabilizing his molecular structure to the point that one tap will turn him to dust.

Rex offers Breach Quarry, whom can take the fall for Breach's failure to secure the weapon, in exchange for Circe whom Rex knows wasn't handed over to Van Kleiss and instead sent to Greenville, Ohio. Breach gleefully accepts the deal and returns Circe. Rex takes a Providence ship back and informs Circe that he's all right with her being in a relationship with Skwydd only for her to correct him that they're just friends.[13]

A Family Holiday

Rex is in the middle of stress tests by his brother Caesar, whom has added in EVO dogs into the mix which Rex cures. Rex questions why Caesar is doing the tests today instead of Doctor Holiday to which Agent Six explains. Today is apparently Doctor Holiday's younger sister's, Beverly Holiday a EVO whom previously nearly killed Rex and Noah, birthday.

While Doctor Holiday is normally in a somewhat depressed mood today she is unusually happy. She just got back from a seminar by one Branden Moses who just revealed a break through in EVO cure technology and invites him over to the base to take a look at Beverly. Rex and Six are both suspicious of Branden and his motives and takes a look at his lab.

Rex examines the cure machine and discovers that it's a fake, it basically makes a lot of lights and sounds and the EVO Branden used in his demonstration is still inside and still unchanged. Rex, Six, and Holiday fight to get Beverly back before Moses makes off with her but fail due to the intervention of two monstrous EVOs Moses released to cover his escape. Rex attempts to cure the pair but instead they're turned into a less mutated form.

Doctor Holiday examines the two EVOs and determines that Moses has developed a way of amplifying EVO mutations and while Rex can remove the amplifycation the EVOs remain incurable at their core. The group is ordered to return to base by White Knight. Instead they send The Keep while they go looking for Moses. Six Contacts Five who informs the group that Moses is holding his auction in his arctic laboratory.

Five also tells Six not to mess up his relationship with Doctor Holiday. The trio arrives at the lab and stop the auction having all the EVOs released in the process and is able to save himself from Six's wrath by stating that if the amplification machine's polarity was reversed then it will instead cure EVOs of their mutations.

While Six holds off the other EVOs and Holiday repairs and reverses the machine Rex fights off a newly enhanced Beverly Holiday. After great difficulty Beverly is cured using the machine at the cost of the machine and nearly costing Six his life. With everyone safe and sound Six and Rex share a little bonding moment: "Six I have never said this before and I will probably never say it again but I'm honored to be your partner."

Once back at base Rex finally gives up his fruitless pursuit of Doctor Holiday instead going with someone his own age, like Beverly and with money from Doctor Holiday he takes her on a date to The Mall while Six and Holiday also go on a date of their own.[14]


Rex walks in on the meeting room in a great panic and soon discovers why. Apparently thanks to diplomatic and legal maneuvering on her part reporter Diane Farrah has managed to secure a exclusive tour of Providence for her news show Ultimate Exposure. Agent Six is assigned as Diane's personal tour guide. Rex is overjoyed at the prospect of getting on camera and constantly tries to get on camera.

Rex's antics only serve to make him look like a fool. Attempting to show them around Caesar's lab but they're nearly killed by a robot he was making. Rex's demonstration of his machines trashes Doctor Holiday's lab and finally a demonstration of his curing abilities strews a family's EVO problems across the airways. In their room Rex and Bobo discuss the camera's, Bobo expressing his desire to chew them off.

Taking a sarcastic idea of Bobo's to heart Rex arranges the release a small group of EVOs from containment and captures most of them on camera except for one a small Electric EVO Doctor Holiday explains that the EVO Bobo released can feed off of electricity making it bigger, stronger, and more dangerous. While Six distracts the camera Rex struggles to contain the EVO. which is only getting bigger and bigger.

Finally the now massive EVO breaks loose inside the cafeteria where the crew is eating lunch and ends up crashing through the floor into the sub basement. Rex tries and fails to fight the EVO every attempt to fight it resulting in painful electric shocks. Finally Six comes in and defeats the EVO in a overly spectacular manner on camera followed by Rex curing it.

When the episode airs the group discovers that it's a heavily played up false tell all story about Six, which portrays him in a romantic relationship with Doctor Holiday, much to the relief of White Knight, Doctor Holiday's embarrassment, Rex and Bobo's hilarity, and as for Six a "No Comment."[15]


Rex and a team of Providence agents are assigned to clean out the ruins of Gabriel Rylander's laboratory. Rex is slacking off on the job drinking grape soda instead of working and is called by White Knight to get back to work. On his way to the laboratory Rex finds half a stone mask. Believing he found the other half Rex is instead attacked by a seemingly feral EVO.

Rex informs Six and the Agents of the EVO and they go after it while Rex is instructed to stay back and wait for Six's signal. Ignoring orders as usual Rex goes after the EVO himself and buries it and the agents alive in a mud slide and they only get out alive thanks to some rain aiding them in digging themselves out and they discover that for some reason the EVO turned to stone.

Seeing the quite frankly embarrassing incident White decides that the agents of Providence could use a little refresher course. While the rest of the agents will be training with their international counterparts Rex will be remaining in the base cleaning so to teach him a lesson in following orders. Hearing from Rex that the base will be almost entirely empty Noah suggests that Rex throw a party to which he reluctantly agrees.

Unfortunately as a result of talking on his phone during class Noah got detention and the only people he could recruit for the party are the Skaters. The memory of the Skaters earlier encounter with Rex is still fresh in his mind and he is not happy about them being there. Rex is able to sneak the group of would be party goers into the HQ and while at first the group is unamused Rex is able to entertain them by taking them down to the gun range.

White Knight repeated calls Rex during the "party" reminding him that he's suppose to be cleaning (despite the fact that the base was clean before the party). Also the Skaters seem to be moving the statue around the base though they claim their innocence. White finally notices the Skaters in the base via the security camera's and angrily orders them off the base.

Before Rex can escort them away the statue comes to life again and attempts to escape the base. Rex is able to throw the base into lock-down therefore trapping the EVO in the base and Rex forcibly recruits his party guests to help him hunt down the EVO though they're priority is to escape the base safely. The EVO is able to lure the Skaters into a trap in the Petting Zoo and takes them hostage.

The EVO demands to safely leave the base but he is informed that the only one with the ability to lift the lock-down is White Knight. Ditching his pursuers the EVO goes after White Knight. The Skaters soon realize that they can escape the base via the same method Rex snuck them in, the sewers. White goes to confront the EVO using his suit along with Rex.

The EVO's impressive stealth capabilities together with his ventriloquism skills puts him at a advantage against the two providence agents. During the fight the two agents receive unlikely aid from the Skaters who come back to fight the EVO, not to actually help them but because they believe that fighting the EVO would be fun. Their distraction allows Rex to pin the EVO.

While at first Rex intends to cure the EVO he is able to plead for his case to remain a EVO He explains that during Van Kleiss's expedition to Rylander's lab he was a new Pack member who accidentally ruptured Van Kleiss's dirt circulation suit and was drained of Nanites as a punishment. Eventually he was able to break free of his rocky prison through concentration and now intends to kill Van Kleiss.

Realizing that they have a common enemy Rex offers the EVO a place at Providence and help with his relapsing condition. White welcomes in the EVO with open arms intending to make full use of his abilities. Rex finally escorts the Skater's out of the base, learning that they have not learned anything and still reguard him as a freak. As punishment for the party White dumps the six of them into the sewers via a trap door.[16]

Six Minus Six

Rex and Caesar are in the middle of a experiment to try to restore Rex's lost memories. The experiment instead begins to reboot Rex to his Full EVO form forcing Six to stop the process by destroying the machine which causes him to be blasted with a green hued burst of energy that ends up erasing six years of his memory. White calls in and is able to prevent Six from killing everyone and explain what happened.

Six decides to give Providence a trial run, if he doesn't like it he'll go on his own way complete with returning to his original combat suit and katana. During a mission with Rex to capture a rampaging EVO, Six does even more damage then the EVO hijacking a car and driving it through several buildings chasing after the EVO which earns him a lecture from, of all people, Rex.

White Knight calls a meeting with Rex, explaining what he probably should have explained in the first place. Six before the nanite event was a cold hearted, ruthless, borderline psychopathic, loose cannon of a mercenary and warns him to keep a eye on him. Rex explains that it's not necessary to tell him to keep a eye on Six, as he already has been.

While spying on Six Rex hears how unsatisfied with Providence he's been and has made contact with a old employer for a job. Rex follows Six to a small country called Limbarbe where a EVO power plant is running at full power. Six's assignment is to kill the EVO powering the plant. Unfortunately two more people have been assigned to the mission Trey and Five.

A three way brawl ensues between Six, Rex, and Trey & Five. Rex is able to get away while the three deal with each other. Six ultimately defeats his former comrades and goes after Rex. Six ultimately defeats Rex but before he strikes the finishing blow he notes that Rex didn't even flinch he has so much faith in him as Rex puts it: "The smartest thing I ever learned to do was to trust your judgement and I'll continue to trust it even if it's Six from six years ago."

Deciding that the man Rex speaks so highly of is worth being again Six goes back with him to Providence. When the machine begins to overload again Rex destroys it before it erases even more of his memory and promises him that he'll work to help him get his memory back.[17]

Lions and Lambs

Rex and Six are assigned to back up a group of Providence agents under assault by Breach wearing a AMP pack. From a golden colored portal Breach summons what appears to be a EVO that resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After trying to cure the dinosaur like creature Rex discovers that it's a actual T-Rex and Breach escapes in the chaos.

Rex and Six brings the dinosaur back to Providence and contain it inside the Petting Zoo but in vain, two hours after having been summoned the T-Rex turns to dust. In a meeting with White Knight it's agreed that Breach now presents a major security risk to all of humanity and needs to be brought in at all costs. Rex volunteers for the mission intending to make full use of Breach's crush on him.

Rex flies to Abysus with the latest of his new builds, The Sky Slider, wearing a stealth suit. Once at Abysus Rex interrupts Van Kleiss's experiments on Breach and convinces her to escape with him. Breach doesn't trust Rex and takes him to various places to see if he understands her including what's left of her pocket dimension and a library.

Deciding to try to show Breach a good time Rex takes her to a bowling alley. Unfortunately at this point Van Kleiss and the Pack track them down usy the AMP Pack to shut down Breach's powers forcing the two renegade EVOs to retreat. At a park Rex runs into a Providence strike team personally led by White Knight whom attacks Breach.

During the resulting struggle Breach can't decide who to go with, having been deeply betrayed by her two "favorites" Rex and Van Kleiss. Rex decides to give Breach the option to send either Van Kleiss or himself away by hacking the AMP Pack and restoring her full powers. Much to Van Kleiss's shock Breach sends him through one of her time portals. Unfortunately her powers begin to go out of control, a fail-safe Van Kleiss had installed.

Rex and Breach embrace one another as the out of control time portal swallows them both. With Breach no where to be seen Rex wakes up in the desert, at first fearing the worst Rex is able to make contact with Providence who takes him back to HQ where Rex is introduced to Providence's new leader Black Knight following White Knight's failure to secure Breach six months ago.[18]



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