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Rex was accidentally transported six months into the future by Breach where Providence had dramatically transformed into a seemingly benevolent dictatorship under the influence of Black Knight and the Consortium. In order to fight the new Providence, Rex would have to confront his past and the true reason behind the Nanite Event.

Back in Black

Rex arrived in the office of Black Knight, head of an almost entirely new Providence. Rex at first believed that Breach had dumped him in her retooled pocket dimension or an alternate universe and attempted to escape. On his way out Rex was chased into the Petting Zoo by Caesar Salazar and encountered Mel. Shockingly, instead of trying to eat him as the EVO crocodile would normally do, she playfully licked him.

Caesar and Black Knight arrived and explained Rex's rampant paranoia as a simple electrolyte imbalance caused by Breach and gave him a supplement to help him cope. Rex noted that all the EVOs were collared and the Zoo was greatly overcrowded with calm and friendly EVOs. Caesar explained that the EVOs had been trained to behave themselves, one of few options Providence had after Rex disappeared.

With his electrolytes back to normal Rex questioned what happened to Agent Six, Doctor Holiday, Bobo Haha and White Knight. After Providence stopped looking for Rex, Holiday and Six quit to spend their full time looking for him, and they had been trying to establish contact with them since finding Rex. White Knight killed himself in a Kamikaze attack on Providence after being forced to step down.

Bobo Haha was still working for Providence and was behaving himself much like the Petting Zoo EVOs in exchange for "employee benefits". Rex also discovered that his room was destroyed in the Kamikaze attack and replaced with a bathroom, as a result discovering that the Providence employees were also treated better under the leadership of Black Knight.

Rex was sent on a mission into town to deal with a rampaging larva EVO Once there Rex discovered that he no longer had a handler and he may deal with this and all other EVOs in the field as he sees fit. With this Rex used the glow of his Omega Builds to lure the EVO into a construction zone and buried it under a ton of steel girders. Rex sadly discovered that the EVO was incurable.

Some agents simply used a laser-like machine to force the worm onto a transport truck, apparently standard protocol. Rex wished to see what this "protocol" entailed but the agents and Black Knight dismissed him. Undeterred Rex snuck into the lab where the protocol took place and discovered that it was brainwashing the EVOs into behaving, including Bobo.

Rex tried to confront his brother and new boss about this to which they both claimed it was for the better. Uncooperative of this new policy Rex decided to destroy the brainwashing equipment then and there. Black Knight and Caesar attempted to stop Rex by brainwashing him. When that failed Black Knight sicced her elite guard, the Black Pawns, and the Petting Zoo EVOs on Rex.

Escaping them Rex was ambushed by a duo of Providence agents. Waking up in a new base Rex discovered that
Back in Black Holiday

Dr. Holiday reveals herself to Rex.

Agent Six, Doctor Holiday, Bobo Haha (the one Rex encountered at Providence being Robo Bobo) and the still living White Knight had defected from the new Providence and formed the Providence Defect Group to counteract both New Providence and EVOs.

Crash and Burn

Rex was blowing off steam on the Rex Ride when he was attacked by a passing group of bikers. Rex caught up to the biker who shot at him and demanded an explanation. The biker claimed he believed that he was simply another biker in the race and apologized for attacking him before driving away. Chasing after one of the bikers one soon wiped out, and Rex discovered that he was some kind of incurable EVO.

Taking him back to the Plant, Doctor Holiday ran some tests on the biker and determined that he was pumped full of a form of prototype nanites which was also slowly killing him. Rex, this time backed up by Bobo, tracked down the bikers again and joined them in a race. During the race the group was harassed by a Providence truck, apparently chasing after the bikers because of their unusual nanite readings.

During the race another biker wiped out and Rex took him back to base and discovered that he was also juiced on the nanites. Realizing that all the bikers were on the nanites, Rex went to confront them about it. The bikers were fully aware of the side effects of the nanites and claimed that they were well worth the rush of being one with their bikes. Rex convinced them to take him to their supplier, an eccentric samurai-styled biker called Valve.

Rex challenged Valve to a race for his entire supply of prototype nanites. Valve accepted revealing that he had so many of the nanites in his system that he had become fused to his motorcycle. The bikers took Rex to Valve's race track; the rules were 10 laps around first to cross the finish line wins, anything goes in-between. Much to his disappointment none of the bikers had brought their weapons.

The only thing Rex was able to salvage from the course was a crude shield in the form of a trash can lid. Rex requested to borrow one of Six's swords for the race, but Six pointed out that he did not need it as he had his own. Rex stated that he never tried to use two builds at once under the belief they would not work.

Once the race started Valve immediately destroyed Rex's crude shield. However, Rex later overcame his mental block and destroyed Valve's bike with both the Slam Cannon and BFS at the same time using the Rex Ride. After losing the race Valve attempted to beat Rex barehanded but he was taken down with a Smack Hand. Doctor Holiday arrived with the healthy bikers having cleaned out their systems of the nanites. With this Rex joined them in a race into town.

Phantom of the Soap Opera

Noah Nixon took Rex on a tour of his new job as a studio page at the studio which produced Rex's favorite soap opera, El Amor De La Pasión El Amor. While in the cafeteria Rex spotted Isabella and as a result spilled Noah's lunch all over his suit, within sight distance of his fearsome boss Donna no less. While Noah hid in a closet Rex attempted to take his suit to the laundromat to clean it passing by the set of El Amor on his way.

Deciding to visit the set and pretending to be Noah, Rex ran into Isabella again as well as fellow actors from the show Beatriz and Reynaldo. Both Isabella and Beatriz believed Rex to be Noah and attempted to use him to make the other jealous. Rex did a lengthy list of chores for the two actors and in the process discovered that the accidents that had been plaguing the set were the work of a Mongoose EVO named Mongo.

Prior to being an EVO Mongo was the star of his own show titled Mongo which was canceled and replaced by El Amor. Mongo intended to destroy the new set and kill off the actors so as to get the show canceled and get his own show back. Mongo succeeded in injuring Reynaldo to the point that he could not play his role. However, Rex met all the requirements to fill in for Reynaldo.

In the middle of shooting a scene, Rex spotted Mongo getting away and chased after him. While chasing after Mongo, Rex discovered that the EVO had the ability to shrink down to the size of a slippery rodent or to a giant monster. Rex also had to complete various odd jobs including delivering a script for a director and giving a tour of the studio in order to make sure Noah kept his job. Rex eventually tracked Mongo down to the El Amor set and cured him.

Rex finally got back to Noah with the destroyed suit and his job apparently in ruins. Luckily for Noah, Donna came in and congratulated him, apparently believing that he was responsible for Rex's odd jobs, going so far as to say that he would make manager in half the time she did. As a reward Noah finished Rex's scene in El Amor much to Rex's jealousy.

Riddle of the Sphinx

Rex, Agent Six, and Bobo were sent on a mission to Egypt to investigate the disappearance of Doctor Holiday whom went missing while investigating an ancient tomb. The group encountered Black Knight and Robo Bobo whom had also come to Egypt to investigate the tomb. Rex confronted Black Knight, who at first believed he wanted his sidekick back but Rex accused her of Doctor Holiday's disappearance.

Black Knight claimed to have nothing to do with the missing scientist claiming that she only just got there. Six took Rex and Bobo to what he called a back door, a restaurant manager who discovered the tomb when he was getting a water-main repaired. The trio entered the tomb via the makeshift entrance and soon encountered Doctor Holiday.

Doctor Holiday revealed that she found something strange, nanite pictures on some of the walls of the tomb. Rex at first believed that aliens built the tomb but according to Doctor Holiday none of the technology was more advanced than the 21st century. Rex used his technopathy to open the main section of the tomb and found the burial chamber of a mummy.

Black Knight arrived with the severed head of Robo Bobo and was rather disappointed having gone through all the trouble of following them and there was nothing. At this the mummy came to life, revealing himself to be some sort of undead EVO and calling himself Gharun Set. Gharun Set attacked Black Knight despite her best attempts to negotiate with him and instead tried to overpower him with a nanite disruptor.

Gharun Set revealed that not only was the device ineffective on him but he had a far more powerful version in his staff. He used his staff to bring to life some more EVO mummies but they were quickly turned to dust. However, Gharun Set also had a legion of EVO mummy dogs which he brought to life with his staff and they proved to be far more resilient than the others.

While the others dealt with the EVOs, Rex chased Gharun Set to the surface where he revealed the Sphinx to be a gigantic two-headed EVO cat imprisoned in stone. Rex chased after Gharun Set who constructed several pyramids using nanites and got into a fight with one another. During the battle the Sphinx and the pyramids collapsed, the result of Gharun Set's 3000 year old nanites.

Gharun Set revealed that his intention was to use the nanites to save the world from disease and war. Hearing this Rex offered to repair Gharun Set and his nanites but he refused to live in a world he did not belong and died. Before he died however he told Rex that his father knew him and Black Knight very well and gave him a word of warning: under no circumstances trust Black Knight.

In the meantime Black Knight destroyed the tomb and a nanite laboratory inside it much to the rage of the defect group.

Double Vision

Rex and Agent Six were in the middle of a battle with a Plant EVO downtown in front of a flower store. During the fight some goo was sprayed into Rex's face and he removed his goggles to clean them and handed them to a nearby girl on a scooter to hold while he used the Punk Busters to kick the plant a block away. Afterward Rex naturally tried to get his goggles back but he saw the girl driving off with them and the plant ultimately took priority.

Black Knight and a squad of Providence agents arrived to take the plant and add it to the ranks of the Petting Zoo. The two sides' conflicting methods on dealing with the plant ripped it in half, releasing spores into the city which once they come in contact with anything alive turn into more plant EVOs which in turn produce more spores. According to Doctor Holiday's projections the plants would overtake the earth in 36 hours unless the pandemic was contained.

Rex however was more concerned with retrieving his lost goggles. According to Rex, fighting EVOs had a nasty habit of spraying goo in his face so Six got him his goggles, going so far as to call them one of a kind created by a master that Six had to kill when he went EVO The group soon discovered that the plant had made it to the local sewage treatment plant and using the massive supply of fertilizer there grew to a huge size.

Rex also learned that Doctor Holiday had been rescued by Black Knight who proposed a ceasefire with the group in order to defeat the plants. Bobo fired Rex into the heart of the giant plant using a cannon through which Rex cured the giant plant and cut the brain out of the equation. However, there were still hundreds of the EVOs out there that needed to be cured.

Rex spent all day curing all the EVOs after which he was finally able to corner the girl, whom he discovered was actually multiple delivery girls. Apparently all the girls were from a delivery company and Rex's supposedly one of a kind goggles were part of the uniform. Back at his trailer Rex explained that he knew all along the goggles were not one of a kind. They were one of a kind for him because they were the first gift he could remember getting, the first nice thing he could remember someone doing for him.

Doctor Holiday arrived with a Goggle Girl and Rex's goggles which had been upgraded with a variety of vision modes such as thermal, nano, telescopic, etc. Doctor Holiday took them to make a few adjustments and in the meantime Bobo suggested a pair of heart-shaped glasses. The Goggle Girl agreed they looked good on him, leading to a date between the two.

Guy vs. Guy

Snapshot 1 (07-01-2012 13-29)

Rex is pranked by Noah by getting pie thrown in his face.

Rex was rudely awakened during the night by a pie in the face by Noah, prompting Rex to declare a prank war on him. The two exchanged prank blows, all successes on Noah's part and all failures on Rex's. Rex later admitted to Bobo that he wanted to prank Noah just to prove that he was better at something than he was. Rex also admitted that he started the war with a water balloon in Noah's face.

While fighting a Swamp EVO released into the wild by Providence, Noah got back at Rex for the water balloon with a maple syrup balloon. With this Rex accepted the help of the self-proclaimed pranking king Bobo Haha to prank Noah. According to Bobo, Noah's upcoming date with Claire Bowman would be the perfect time to strike a humiliating blow to Noah.

First Rex would use his stealth suit to sneak into Noah's house and prank him with intentionally bad pranks to lure him into a false sense of security. While Rex did that Bobo would set his plan into motion. First he flooded the restaurant Noah intended to take Claire to with rats thus failing their health inspection and closing it down. Bobo had already bribed some construction workers to close down every road in town forcing them to walk to the restaurant.

The two would walk by a series of electronic billboards on their way to the restaurant where they would see the single most humiliating photo of Noah that Bobo could find broadcasted by the billboards. Bobo claimed he made their secret weapon from stuff he found in Doctor Holiday's lab. At the same time they received a call from Doctor Holiday stating that she was missing some equipment containing extremely dangerous radioactive material.

Rex put two and two together and realized that their prank was going to nuke the town. Realizing they needed help, Rex recruited Noah and they concluded that if they shut down the billboards they would stop the device. That plan failing they instead called Doctor Holiday who informed them that it was too late to do anything and to hug each other and kiss their butts goodbye.

Screenshot from 2014-07-26 05-33-22

Rex and Bobo are streamed live to the public.

Shockingly instead of death they heard laughter, and they discovered that a video of them spazzing out over the nuke had been broadcasted to the billboards. Noah came in and explained that he did what they should have done and called Doctor Holiday for help and after shutting down the device she told him how to broadcast the video of Bobo and Rex panicking all over the world.

Bobo admitted defeat and officially declared Noah the pranking king. Back at the trailer Rex and Bobo agreed that they shall never prank Noah again. However, Bobo's orange exploded in his face thus prompting Bobo to declare a new prank war on Rex.

Black and White

The entire Providence defect group was cornered inside New Providence by a squad of agents led by Captain Calan. Flashing back to earlier that day White Knight revealed that the group was going on a mission to break into New Providence. The latest intel showed that Providence was rebuilding the Nanite Project by salvaging Gabriel Rylander's equipment from his laboratory.

To this end White had already devised a complex plan to break into New Providence: they would capture and release some Gnasht near Providence Headquarters which would serve as a distraction for Rex to sneak in and make an entrance for the rest of the group. Once inside the group encountered Calan and his strike team consisting of the few agents still loyal to White Knight and helped him fake his death.

With the help of a distraction by Calan the group accessed the King's Road, a secret series of tunnels built into the building under the radar of the group of people who funded and now ran Providence called the Consortium. From here they launched the second phase of the plan: Doctor Holiday would break into Providence's mainframe, better known as the Hive, and take control of the security system, giving them their eyes throughout the base.

Six would take down the encryption towers which would allow Rex to download the full database of Providence from Caesar's lab. While inside Caesar's lab Rex learned that not only did Caesar trigger the original Nanite Event that claimed their parents' lives, but he was also leading the restarted Nanite Project and was working to revive Gabriel Rylander.

Rex began the download and was attacked by Providence agents armed with EVO attack dogs. Rex defeated the EVOs and agents and intentionally destroyed most of the lab equipment in the process. With this Black Knight arrived on scene; the others had already gotten away but she still had Rex and intended to bring him into custody.

Rex revealed that he had made an addition to White Knight's plan. The day was Wednesday, therefore fiesta night at Providence, which in combination with the abundance of Providence agents had led to mass clogging. Bobo had taken over the sewage treatment plant and had used it to max out the pressure to Providence, thus flooding it and blowing a hole into security through which Rex easily escaped.

Back at base White Knight revealed the true reason behind the mission: to retrieve an item he had hidden in his old office called a Meta-Nanite. Each one of the five Meta-Nanites contained a fragment of the Dominion code or God code. Whoever had all five would have the ability to rewrite reality as they saw fit. The blackmail material White had on Black Knight would keep her away for a time but she would come for the nanite.

White offered the others one chance to back out but they did not accept the offer, they were in this together. Rex also realized that Caesar triggered the Nanite Event to keep the nanites out of the hands of the Consortium who also funded the Nanite Project.


Rex and Noah were on their way back from a British Rock Festival which, contrary to Rex's belief when he read about it on the internet, was not a rock concert but in fact a geologists convention. On their way back Rex ran into a patrol of Providence agents led by Fortier harassing a nerdy looking man named Feakins. Trying to help him out Rex soon discovered that his powers were not working.

Screenshot from 2014-07-26 05-36-35

Rex and Noah flee with Feakins after saving.

Rex was able to escape with Feakins and Noah by bluffing that it was Six in Noah's car and not Noah himself. Rex put two and two together and realized that Feakins was some kind of EVO with the ability to neutralize nanites, the ultimate weapon against any EVO including Rex. Rex called Doctor Holiday with the situation she could pick them up in the state over.

The group at first tried to hide in a motel but Feakins attracted too much attention and they were forced to abandon the area. The trio ransacked a department store for disguises, Rex as a business man, Feakins as a Russian and Noah as a girl (much to Noah's chagrin he was forced to wear Feakins' costume because Feakins was allergic to his costume.) They attempted to escape on a plane but the agents were already on board.

The group escaped the plane into the woods. Feakins was able to use his extensive knowledge of geology to locate a train that the group tried to use to escape into the state over. That failing they escaped onto a car transport. Noah and Feakins switched disguises and Feakins drove away in a car buying Rex time to take down the strike team. The group finally made it to Doctor Holiday and escaped in her cloaked mobile lab.

The defect group set Feakins up with a mobile safe house in the form of an ice cream truck with gas money. Feakins mentioned that he realized it was not easy to work with a difficult person. Though Rex accepted the apology it was not one, it was in fact an insult by Feakins calling Rex insane.

Assault on Abysus

Circe contacted Rex at the Plant and informed him that their friends in Hong Kong had all been captured by Providence. While saddened by the news White Knight requested to see her. White's intel had placed another Meta-Nanite underneath Abysus in the original Nanite Project laboratory. As an ex-member of The Pack, Circe had intimate knowledge of the terrain and might be able to find the Meta-Nanite.

Rex, in his new amp-suit, and Circe flied to Abysus. Circe told the guards to let them through but they were captured by an EVO army led by Skalamander. Rex demanded to see their new leader whom as it turned out was Biowulf. Biowulf would listen to Rex on the condition that Rex beat him in combat. Rex succeeded in defeating Biowulf and warned him that Black Knight was coming for the Meta-Nanite under Abysus.

According to Circe, Van Kleiss was always looking for volunteers to go to the catacombs underneath Abysus to look for something, and none of them ever came back. While Rex and Circe went beneath the castle to look for the nanite, Providence began its siege using control collars to turn the EVOs on their own kind and with it the tide of battle. Rex was able to use his technopathy to bypass a wall of pure nanites used as security.

While Circe went to help the Pack, Rex went deeper into the lab which began stirring memories from Rex's forgotten past. The lab security system nearly killed Rex until it recognized him as a member of the Salazar family and allowed him to take the Meta-Nanite. The Black Pawns also made it into the lab now that the security system was offline. Biowulf and Circe also came into the lab and rescued Rex.

Rex used his vast amount of knowledge of Providence's tactics to lure the enemy agents into a trap. Plan A having failed, Black Knight decided to cut out the "infection" at its source using the Keep to rip the castle out of the ground. With this Providence overwhelmed the EVOs and Circe passionately kissed Rex before forcing him to leave her. Back at the base, White added the second Meta-Nanite to the first one.

White promised that while he did not have a plan yet he soon would, and then they would make Black Knight and her bosses pay for their crimes and rescue their prisoners.

Heroes United

Rex and Six are polishing Rex's fighting skills, Rex coming up with a catchy theme song for himself. Six warns Rex not to be cocky, everything he cares about can be gone in a flash if he's not careful. Doctor Holiday informs them of a universal rift over New York city and Rex goes to investigate with Bobo and Six in their new Jet. Rex soon enters a fight with what he believes to be a Dinosaur like EVO that came through the rift while the others fight a mechanical EVO.

Screenshot from 2014-07-26 05-42-11

Rex is encountered by what he thinks is an EVO.

Taking the fight into the park the EVO identifies Rex as an alien trying to destroy the city and turns into a Diamond Head when Rex tries, and fails, to cure him. Doctor Holiday calls and reminds Rex to be careful, they've never fought anything like this before. The fight spills out onto a bridge and the shapeshifter changes into Lodestar to try and take Rex down, before finally turning into a humanoid tiger to save a group of people from a billboard.

Realizing no-one knows who he is the tiger turns back into his human form and identifies himself as Ben Tennyson. While Ben is trying to explain who he is Six and the EVO's fight spills out onto the street and the creature blows itself up putting Six into a coma in the process. Ben is taken prisoner inside the Defect group's base and held inside a Containment tube.

According to Doctor Holiday the amount of Nanites inside Ben's body indicates that he was just exposed to them for the first time during his fight with Rex. Ben offers his help to hunt down the EVO but Rex refuses seeing as how he blames him for Six's coma. Ben breaks out anyway as Big Chill and flies to where his home town should be, and finds Bob's Biscuit Barn where a Mr. Smoothie should be confirming Ben's theory that he's in a alternate universe.

Rex sympathizes with Ben's concerns for his friends and family, however Caesar flies in and seemingly takes aim at the pair with a Dimensional disruptor, only after Ben destroys the device does he realize that he was aiming at a ghostly nanite creature named Alpha, the same EVO that put Six in a coma only in a different form. Alpha wants Ceasar's help to stabilize his body but Ceasar states that there's nothing he can do for him.

Taking matters into his own hands Alpha chases after the group in Ceasar's laboratory pod while he explains Alpha's origins. Ceasar escapes and lures Alpha away while Ben rescues Rex, the pair are followed to the Dam Base where Alpha begins absorbing the nanites of the EVOs and attempts to do the same with Rex's Omega-1 Nanite. Realizing he's not strong enough to take on Rex and Ben at the same time Alpha decides to retreat.

The boys bond over a game of basketball during which they explain their mutual pasts. White Knight informs them that Alpha is attacking the Bug Jar, Ben, Rex, and White Knight flies to the Bug Jar where they discover that Alpha has slaughtered the entire EVO population and absorbed it's nanites, transforming into an gigantic fearsome crab like creature.

Deciding that he needs even more power Alpha copies the Ultimatrix and turns into EVO versions of three of Ben's aliens before Rex shuts him down. Taking his opportunity Alpha grabs Rex and absorbs his Omega-1 Nanite and evolves into an even more powerful form. Rex believes the situation to be hopeless, all of his most powerful builds came from the nanite but Ben proposes that he gives Rex a Upgrade.

Using said alien Ben greatly upgrades Rex's machines with advanced alien technology and severely weakens Alpha, followed up by hitting him with Ben as Cannon Bolt, and ending with Rex compressing Alpha's nanites down into a baseball sized sphere. Ceasar uses his dimensional disruptor to open a portal back to Ben's universe, the latter takes Alpha with him and dumps him in the Null Void on his way out.

Rex returns to base and is greeted by a conscious Six and Ceasar who gives Rex back the Omega-1. While Rex is hopeful to see Ben again the chances of him ever running into that exact version of him again is slim to none, Six states that some people were destined to meet, and the two may meet again.

Remote Control

Rex had traveled to Hong Kong to rescue his friends, Tuck, Cricket and Skwydd whom had been captured by Providence. There Rex discovered that Providence was collaring EVOs en masse and leaving them on the streets homeless and unable to defend or provide for themselves. What was worse, Rex also discovered that the collared EVOs, including his friends, had been placed under the control of Quarry.

Making his way to an arcade where Quarry had duped some kids into controlling the EVOs for him, supposedly as part of a video game beta, Rex was forced to fight his mind-controlled friends. Using his technopathy Rex freed Cricket and went after the others with her. Freeing the others Rex was forced to leave them to fight off Quarry's minions while Rex fought Quarry himself who as a result of the punishments suffered at Van Kleiss's hands had become even more dangerous.

Rex and Quarry took the fight back to the arcade where Rex revealed to the kids the deception and they bailed. Quarry attempted to kill Rex via bear hugging him to death but Rex was able to take advantage and use a Smack Hand to smash him into even smaller pieces. Rex freed the other EVOs and then went out to dinner with Tuck, Cricket and Skwydd.

A Brief History of Time

Rex and Bobo had traveled back to Egypt following the discovery that Breach sent Van Kleiss back in time to ancient Egypt. According to Doctor Holiday and a scan she ran on the area, while all the nanites in the tomb belonged to Van Kleiss the rate of degradation on them were a thousand years apart. Rex and Bobo subsequently followed Van Kleiss's trail all over the planet, eventually arriving in Venice.

There Rex met up with Caesar and Providence and freed Van Kleiss from his latest nanite preservation device only to discover him in a maddened state. The group was attacked by the "time antibody" that had been following Van Kleiss and after brief contact with it Rex realized that it was Breach. Using a tachyon quarantine device invented by Caesar, Rex was able to turn Breach back to normal. Afterwards, Van Kleiss was taken into custody by Providence.

Mind Games

314-Rex saves Circe

The convict is revealed to be Circe.

An EVO had escaped from Providence. Rex came in to save the EVO and it was revealed to be Circe. They get back to the plant. There Rex was about to ask her to stay at the plant but before he could say it, she said it. Circe got a check up to see if she was alright. When Six asks her how did she escape, she replied that it was a long story. Rex suggested to put Bobo's hand in shaving cream but she said that she was tired for the night walked off to go to sleep.

Later, Rex woke up in the middle of the night. Getting up, he ran into Dr. Holiday working in the lab. Afterward, White Knight called them all in for a meeting. When Rex saw Dr. Holiday, he was confused to see her in her night suit, having seen her in her mission suit a few minutes ago. The mission was to get Peter Meechum out of the safe house before Providence take him. When they reach there, Circe mysteriously disappears. They take Peter Meechum to the plant. While they tell Peter Meechum about what had happened, at Providence, Ceasar takes the real Peter Meechum on a tour of the petting zoo. Black Knight welcomes him to Providence. Suddenly her phone rings and she backs away. The fake Peter Meechum asks her for the Money. She replies that he will get them after he does his job. The fake Peter Meechum shape-shifts into Six. While Dr. Holiday is working alone in the main lab, the fake Six arrives. He claims that he wanted to tell her something important and kisses her. Meanwhile, the real Six enters Rex's room seeing that an episode of Rex's favorite show is on. He says to himself that h does not understand it and prepares to leave when suddenly Dr. Holiday enters thanking him for what he did in the lab. Six claims he does not know what she is talking about. She storms away angrily. While the fake Six is working in the lab, Rex comes and asks if he is ok. He replies that he is fine and he thinks Rex is weak. Rex thinks that it is a test but Six says that it is not any test and that he has come to his senses now. He leaves saying that at the end he will let them all down. Rex saw Dr. Holiday crying on the Bridge. He asks if she is ok but she replies that Six is not him anymore and he is becoming violent. Rex walks down the hallway and stops seeing Dr. Holiday enter the men's restroom and Peter Meechum coming out. Meanwhile at Providence, the real Peter Meechum seeing Van Kleiss was brought back, he contacted White Knight. He claimed he was at Providence. White Knight said he had to go. Before he could say anything about the fraud, Rex claimed that that was not Peter Meechum. The fraud starts to laugh and turns back into his original form. Whight Knight tells them hat his name is John Scarecrow. He says that he was in Hong-Kong and turns the lights off. When the lighs come back on, he has escaped. They track him down and end up in front of three hallways. They take one each. They end up trying to figure out who is the EVO. The EVO comes from behind laughing at them. He claims he already got what he wanted in the lab. Rex got angry and hit him and he ended up upstairs. John Scarecrow plays with Rex's emotions by shape-shifting into people he knew. Dr. Holiday hit him with a pipe saying that was for Rex. Another time saying that was for Providence. And kicking him unconscious saying that was for the kiss. Six and Rex look up surprised. Rex leaves the room saying that they were easily tricked into fighting each other.


Target: Consortium

Enemies Mine

Rock My World

Endgame, Part 1 and 2



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