[Another day, in the museum, Then a ruckus heard inside the museum then, An EVO sent Rex flying and slammed into the glass. Then disassembled his Smack Hands]

Agent Six: Be careful, Rex.

Rex: (Dusting off his shirt) I'm touched by your concern, Six.

Agent Six: It's not for you, We don't have Providence to pick up the tab anymore. You break it, you buy it.

[The EVO recovered then began to cause destruction, Rex responded and then activated his Smack Hands and hits the EVO back.]

Rex: (Deactivates his Smack Hands) I'm saving the day here! What are they gonna do? Sue me?

Few minutes later..

Rex: Oh come on! It was a rhetorical question!

[Rex ran away, he is being chased by a lawyer holding papers. Rex ran into an alley at a dead end, He's cornered by the lawyer.]

Rex: What am I suppose to do? (Activates his smack hands) The whole building was made of glass.

Lawyer: Glass? What are you talking about?

Rex: (Dumbfounded) I'm not talking about anything. (Lowers his smack hands) What are you talking about?

Noah: What happened to this place?

(All of them look at Annie)

Annie: Hey, don't look at me, I just got here.

(They look at photos of some guys with a wild beard and a mustache)

Rex: I guess this must be my family.

Claire: Looks like you, but with a stache.

(Puts her finger horizontally under Rex's nose)

Annie: I like you with a stache.

Rex: You guys don't have to do this.

Claire: What kind of friend would walk away now?

(Glares at Noah)

Noah: Uhh... Yeah no way you could stop me from helping take care of these totally not-gross animals

(Smile unconvencining)

Rex: Really?

Noah: Well I'm smilling like that's what I mean aren't I?

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