Season 3, Episode 15
Air date March 2, 2013[1]
Written by Scott Sonneborn
Directed by John Fang
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"Hermanos"[2] is the fifteenth episode of season three of Generator Rex and the 54th of the overall series. The episode was released on XBox LIVE, Zune, Playstation Network, and iTunes, but it was never officially aired.


Rex learns that he's inherited a farm in Argentina, and brings Noah, Claire, and Annie along to check it out.[3]


After fighting an EVO with Six, Rex is chased down by an associate who reveals that Rex and Caesar have inherited a ranch under the Salazar name. Telling Caesar about it, his older brother declines the offer and decides to finish his work instead. However, Rex takes Noah, Claire, and Annie along for the trip. When Annie causes some bad luck, the group have a bad landing.

Exploring the ranch, there appears to be loose animals all over and one raging EVO named Chiquito. Rex fights Chiquito, causing him to flee. However, he returns with a judge to influence Rex to vacate the house under the demand of Durango, Chiquito's brother, who claims to own the land. To show that the ranch could be kept by Rex, they make a deed to maintain the ranch by farming.

315-Annie Noah and Claire farming

Annie, Noah, and Claire farm in the most complicated way.

Meanwhile the group work day and night trying to farm, Rex and the group find a passageway that leads to a cellar underneath a shed by the ranch. Scanning the cellar, Rex finds a family cassette labeled "Familia". The video shows him, his father, younger Caesar and Violeta who was behind the camera. In the meantime, Chiquito tries sabotaging Rex by senselessly burning the land, which angers Durango. Eventually, the flames are put out and a fight breaks out between the two parties.

While Rex fights Durango, the others easily defeat Chiquito with the help of Annie's clumsiness. When Rex fights Durango, he mentions that the market for cattle is ending soon, meaning that if Rex does not transport his (one and only) bull, he loses his land. Having enough, Rex carries the cow on his Rex Ride and manages to make it to the market on time, defeating Durango simultaneously. According to the judge, Durango had grasped the land of many other ranches, and that this ended it. Before leaving the ranch to go home, Rex happily places a photo of the bull charging at his rear on the wall.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Daryl Sabara Rex Salazar
Wally Kurth Agent Six
Fred Savage Noah Nixon
Danica McKellar Claire Bowman
Felicia Day Annie
Freddy Rodriguez Caesar Salazar
Carlos Alazraqui Muchado (debut)
Rafael Salazar (uncredited)
Rick Negron Durango (debut)
Christian Lanz Chiquito (debut)
Grey DeLisle Violeta Salazar


  • The title "Hermanos" means "Brothers" in Spanish.
    • The title is rather ironic considering Caesar's intentional lack there of involvement in the episode but it could be referring to Durango and Chiquito instead.
  • Young Caesar is seen for the first time in the series. His parents' voices are also heard for the first time.
  • This episode marks Annie's first appearance in season three.
  • Violeta Salazar's voice actor has been confirmed to be Zag RS's through vocal proof, both being played by Grey DeLisle.
  • This episode aired in Canada on March 2, 2013.