[The scene starts in an alley, with Rex driving his Rex Ride while in the back holding Chinese food.]
Agent Six: The situation is escalating. What's your ETA?
Rex Salazar: As fast as I can.
Agent Six: You got a lot of hungry people here, Rex.
Rex: Hey, a late night briefing wasn't my idea. And yes, I remembered the hot mustard. Be there in- [Sees a red portal] Breach!
Breach: Almost like you saw me coming.
Rex: [Removes his goggles] Guess my nanites are on to the whole "ripping-the-very-fabric-of-space" thing. Plus, you just plain creep me out.
Breach: [Drops some Chinese food into a portal.] Oops...
Rex: [Looks at Breach's portal and dodges the Chinese food] Laugh if you want, but DO NOT mess with Six's kung pao pork. [Activates his Punk Busters, Breach sends a rapid fire of her portals, Rex dodges and reverts back] What do you want this time? [Looks at red portal, surprised by a punch.]
Breach: Oh, I can be anywhere. [Kicks Rex] Go anywhere. [Punches Rex from behind] Doesn't it drive you crazy?
Rex: Bites both ways, Breach. [Punches the decoy portal and punches Breach with his Smack Hands] We've been over this, I don't want to be in your collection. I don't want to be your pet, your trophy, your prize, your... whatever.
[Breach's hands grabs Rex's hands both left and right and slowly lifts Rex in the air.]
Breach: I'm through collecting you, Rex. It's way more fun messing with you. [Breach hears a ding.]
Biowulf: [Over com-link] Biowulf to Breach, have you commenced the operation? [Breach stops her portal, causing Rex to fall.]
Breach: We'll play some more next time. Van Kleiss has a very important mission for me.
Rex: To pick up his laundry?
Breach: [Giggles] It involves an old friend of yours. [Creates a portal and jumps in. Rex takes a glance at the portal revealing a familiar place.]
Rex: Wait, I know that place. Oh, no! [Rex rushes into the portal as it closes.]
[Rex is blinded by the light and lands over a train rail.]
Rex: Okay, I'm in Hong Kong, check. She's going after Circe! [Train sounds in coming towards him] [Sarcastically] What a suprise.
[Rex manages to avoid an oncoming train with his Boogie Pack, and flies away.]
Agent Six: [Over com-link] Rex, you dropped off the grid. What's your L and L?
Rex: Intersection of Hong and Kong.
[Back at Providence base]
Agent Six: You do realize there are closer places for take-out.
[Back to Rex]
Rex: It's Breach. She knows Circe's here.
Agent Six: Which is more than Providence knows, apparently.
Rex: Yeeeeah, I might have sorta told her about my old gang...and... [Sees the silo where his gang lives] I'm here! Gotta go!
[Back in Providence; Six, Holiday, two Providence agents and Bobo are dumbfounded.]
[Rex arrives at the silo, builds his Punkbusters, and kicks the door down.]
Rex: I'm taking you down, Breach!
[Skwydd and Cricket, preparing breakfast, look dumbfounded.]
Skwydd: Uh...Rex?
[Circe peeks out of the bathroom, wearing a white towel over her head.]
Rex: Circe? Breach is... not here?
Skwydd: No, but our breakfast has been soundly defeated.
Rex: Um, hey Skwydd, Cricket. See you guys got the place back together.
Skwydd: Yeah, just in time for you to wreck it again. Hey, Tuck! You okay?
Tuck: [From underneath the door] I'm cool.
[Rex looks down as Tuck frees himself.]
Tuck: Woohoo! Do it again.
Skwydd: So, wanna tell us what this is all about? Or do we have to guess?
Rex: Circe's in danger. It's Breach. She's-
Circe: Messing with you, Rex. Did you actually see her on the other side?
Rex: Well, no, but- [beat] Okay, why Hong Kong?
Circe: Because it's on the other side of the world. Because she's seriously messed up.
Cricket: Kinda like our place.
Circe: Trust me, she's back in Abysus right now laughing it up with the rest of the Pack. Besides... I'm not that easy to find. [Removes towel from her head, revealing shoulder-length black hair half dyed a bright plum color, and a dark gray overall dress.]
[Rex turns around hiding his embarrassment.]
Rex: Okay, Rex, bad intro. Take a do-over. [He turns around.] Love the new look!
Circe: Wow, a compliment.
Skwydd: Uh, yeah. Anyway, thanks for sending Circ our way.
Cricket: She totally evens out the boy/girl ratio.
Rex: [Thinking] Boy, girl? Wait a minute? [He looks at Skwydd and Circe, then Cricket and Tuck] I'm not interrupting anything am I?
Skwydd: Apart from the most important meal of the day, no, we're fine.
Cricket: Speaking of which, since Rex killed breakfast, who's up for Yung Tuh?
[Circe, Skwydd, Cricket and Tuck walk out, leaving Rex]
Rex: Yung, um... Anything works for me. And no one laugh. Bad.
[In the distance, a Providence holding facility is at the other side of the island. Breach is at the top of the building, struggling to make a portal.]
Biowulf: Report. What's the delay?
Breach: Ugh, there's a phase scrambler. It's messing with my rifts.
Biowulf: Perhaps, I should send someone more capable...
Breach: PERHAPS, if you quit calling, I'd be done already.
[Biowulf is looking at I-Bol, who he is using to communicate with Breach.]
Biowulf: Don't mess this up. I'll be watching.
Breach: "I'll be watching." Ugh, meanie.
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