(After Rex and Jungle Cat E.V.O. shake hands)
Skater: Aw man, you two are gonna kiss now?

(Rex is approaching Agent Six and panting)
Six: What's wrong?
Rex: The mask... and then... and it was like this and... and it did... nweaagh!
Six: Got it. Knight, we have a hostile E.V.O.. Humanoid feline. Approximately two meters tall.

Rex: What's with the luggage? Going on a trip?
Six: Knight decided we're long overdue for another global field exercise.
Bobo: I'll be hitting the casinos. It's secret agent time... Until I get kicked out for pinching the waitresses. Uh, happens every time.

Rex: Noah, it's the worst. I'm stuck here in Providence.
Noah: I know how you feel. I'm stuck in calculus.

Rex: (pushed Beagle's face) My name is Rex.
Beagle: Rex, you can use your E.V.O. cooties to turn us into superheroes, with powers based on our personalities. Like, I'd have the power to turn underwear into pudding...
Rex: Wha... How's that based on...
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