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Greenville Ohio

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Greenville, Ohio is a city of Ohio that vanished two years ago, leaving behind only a crater. Using her portals, Breach had taken the town and placed it inside a pocket dimension for the purpose of having a "dollhouse" of her own.


Greenville was a normal town up until two years ago, when the whole city was swallowed by an anomaly and disappeared. All the residents of the town were found alive and well in Antwerp the next day, but Greenville was never found. It was eventually discovered that the city had become trapped in a pocket dimension by Breach and converted into her twisted idea of a dollhouse.[1]


Breach's school

Rex inside a school in Greenville, Ohio.

Greenville is a desolate city that is constantly surrounded by fog. Breach meticulously arranges her "toys" and "shiny things" throughout the city and makes sure that they are kept exactly where she wants them. Her things are also looked over by an innocent looking little girl who is actually an EVO. When her "toys" are "broken", "old" or "no good", Breach dumps them in a random place in the real world. Keeping the city neat and tidy is what keeps Breach mentally stable, as any disruption in Greenville's organization causes her great mental stress.


  • Greenville, Ohio is a real place.
  • The fact that the town is constantly surrounded by fog, filled with monsters, seemingly inescapable, and connected to the mind of a twisted girl seems to be a strong reference to the original Silent Hill game.
    • Rex mentions how alone he felt in the town; this is a pervading theme in the Silent Hill series.
    • In one scene, Rex finds an eerie room with a big pink stuffed rabbit in it and hundreds of little rabbit stuffed animals on the floor. This could be a reference to Silent Hill's Robbie the Rabbit.
  • Greenville is a level in Generator Rex: Agent Of Providence.


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