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Green Fist male profile
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
Affiliation(s) Green Fist
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Abilities Hand-to-hand combat
Weapons Bolas
Allies Valentina, Biruta
Further info
First appearance "Outpost" (only appearance)
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The Green Fist male is a member of the Green Fist.


He and his team, the Green Fist, had gone on various expeditions to free EVOs from Providence in South America. At one point, his team ambushed a pair of Providence agents and easily defeated them. While at local restaurant, drinking Horchata anejo, they met Rex who wanted to try the beverage. However, he and his allies had started off on the wrong foot with Rex after he spat up the drink on Valentina. He was the first to leap on Rex, and eventually causing the entire restaurant to fight. This formed more hostility.

During one of their missions to free EVOs from the providence base, they were caught red handed by Rex, Oso, and Bobo Haha. He engaged into battle with Oso, but was easily defeated. After they freed the EVOs, they made an escape. However, he was one of the first to be attacked by a Chupacabra he thought was an EVO This left him sick with a deadly venom. Later, in Providences' clutches, he was saved by a cure that was retrieved by Rex and Valentina.[1]


Season Two


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