The Green Fist fights for the EVOs who cannot fight for themselves!

Valentina, "Outpost"

The Green Fist
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 · To protect EVOs
 · To return EVOs to their natural habitats
 · To sabotage Providence's plans

The Green Fist is a small group that fights for the liberation of EVOs captured by Providence. They strongly believe what Providence is doing is wrong. Two members of the Green Fist were taken into Providence's custody, while the leader, Valentina was freed by Rex.


Believing that EVOs should be allowed to roam free in their natural habitats, the Green Fist began to release captured EVOs all over South America by ambushing Providence prisons. White Knight sent Rex and Bobo to Mexico to investigate these incidents with Agent Oso. Three Green Fist members were later spotted in a bar, but Providence was unaware of their identities. After Rex accidentally spat horchata anejo in Valentina's face, a bar fight ensued.

Green Fist Males Outpost

Valentina's men are captured and cured by Oso.

Later on, the Green Fist attempted to free more EVOs from a Providence facility but were ambushed by Providence. The Green Fist managed to release most of the EVOs, but one of them attacked Rex and two Green Fist members, poisoning them with a powerful venom. Rex and Valentina were then sent out to work together to get a cure. After obtaining the cure, Valentina realized that the creature was not an EVO, but a Chupacabra. Rex decided to set it free into the wild. He also allowed Valentina to escape from Providence's custody. Providence was eventually able to synthesize an antidote to cure the infections.[1]




Season Two


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