Goggle Girls 1

The Goggle Girl logo.

Nothing is cuter than a girl on a scooter

–The Goggle Girl motto, "Double Vision"

Goggle Girl is a local delivery service.[1]


At first, one of the girls had mistakenly taken Rex's goggles and he desperately searched for them high and low. Until he found the girl he was searching for he realized that he was chasing more than one that happened to be part of the service. Later Agent Six and Dr. Holiday ordered from them, allowing Rex to date one of their workers.[1]

An advertisement for Goggle Girl was seen in Manhattan while the dimensional rift was opening.[2]


Each employee of Goggle Girl happens to be female. They're each given a light-blue colored moped along with a same colored helmet with goggles similar to Rex's. They wear turtle neck sweaters along with grey pants and boots. Along with their helmets are light brown colored curls that hide their real hair underneath.


Season Three


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