Gharun Set
Gharun Set profile
Vital statistics
Species Human EVO
Base of operations Pyramid (Cairo, Egypt)
Physical description
Gender Male
Weapons Nanite disrupter staff
Relatives Van Kleiss (creator)
Allies Sphinx
Enemies Black Knight
Further info
First appearance "Riddle of the Sphinx"
Last appearance "A Brief History of Time" (flashback only)
Portrayed by: Hakeem Kae-Kazim
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Gharun Set is a pharaoh mummy EVO that was reawakened in Cairo, Egypt.[1]


Gharun Set was Van Kleiss' greatest and useful creation, but he was too dangerous to roam in the world. Van Kleiss attempted to eliminate him, but had no time to do so. Instead, he was locked under the Egyptian pyramid for thousands of years. He also helped build the Hibernation chamber prior.[2]

Gharun Set was set free when Rex accidentally awakened him while investigating the pyramid with the Providence Defect Group and Black Knight. When he was conscious, Gharun Set immediately caught Black Knight's neck and seized her. Black Knight calmly tried to negotiate with him and investigate his origin.

304-Gharun Set and Sphinx

Gharun Set reunited with his Sphinx.

Soon Gharun Set used his nanite disrupter staff to summon his beasts. He tried to escape the pyramid and summon the Sphinx while Rex pursued him. Black Knight attempted to keep him alive but later ordered her subordinates to vanquish Gharun Set. Since the base of his pyramids were destroyed under Black Knight's order, he slowly weakened. He and his beast fell down to the ground. He rejected Rex's offer to help and instead revealed that he knew Rex even though he never introduced himself. He claimed that he was told everything about this time, including Rex's abilities and Black Knight. Before he disappeared, Gharun Set warned Rex that they (the EVOs) never belonged to this "world full of lies".[1]


Season Three


  • He mentions the early purpose of the nanites.[1]
  • Gharun Set seems to be based on the Egyptian god Set. The Set from myth had the head of a creature which resembles a dog and was a supremely powerful god of chaos and the desert. This mirrors Gharun Set's appearance and powers over the Sphinx and his ability to animate his EVO hounds, which appear to be based off of the Set animal.
  • Chronologically, Gharun Set is the oldest EVO in the series, and possibly the first EVO ever created.


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