From now on (10/25/2011), before changing a main image on other articles, characters more specifically, we must come here to have a profile image change proposal. This is where users will come and have discussions on whether or not a current image on a page can be proposed with an image that is more appropriate. When finally coming to a conclusion by votes and reasoning, the image can be changed or remain the same depending on the votes. This is a forum where any user can vote.



  1. To make a proposal, click "Make your proposal".
  2. When editing, type the page's name with the "Heading 2" font.
    1. Highlight font and click the "Add link" button to link the article.
  3. Look to the right side where it says "Add features and media".
    1. Underneath it, click "Gallery".
    2. Click "Add a photo".
    3. In the search bar, search for the article's current image file.
      1. Click it and press "Select".
      2. Underneath "Describe this photo" type in "Current image".
      3. Click "Done"
    4. Again, click "Add a photo".
      1. If proposal image is already uploaded onto the wiki: Re-follow instruction 3.3 by just searching the file name.
        1. Where it says "Describe this photo" type in "Proposal image 01". (Note: Depending on the number of images, you can do this more than once. [e.g. If five images are being proposed, they should be listed and described as Proposal image 01, Proposal image 02, Proposal image 03, etc...).
    5. If proposal is not uploaded: Click "Upload Photo" and upload file.
    6. Follow step 4.1.1.
    7. Click "Done".
    8. "Photo size" should be 250 px.
    9. Select "Centered" for "Gallery position".
  4. Click the "Borders and captions" tab.
    1. Select "Within photo" for "Caption position".
    2. Select "Center" for "Caption alignment"
    3. Click "Finish"
  5. With normal text, put a reasonable argument as to why you think the proposed image(s) are a better choice than the current.
  6. Preview it (desktop), review it, and publish it.
  7. Await feedback.


  1. An image must get three or more votes in order to be chosen.
  2. If after a week, no one replies to a proposal, the image proposed must remain the same.
  3. Sign your signature by using "~~~~"

Current proposals