Gabriel and Michael
Gabriel and Michael
Vital statistics
Name Gabriel and Michael
Species Human EVOs
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Yellow
Abilities  · Enhanced strength
 · Enhanced stamina
 · Table tennis expertise
 · Skilled pianist
Relatives Coach (father)
Further info
First appearance "Without a Paddle" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: John DiMaggio (Michael)

Dee Bradley Baker (Gabriel)

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Gabriel, also known as Gabe, and Michael are a pair of incurable EVOs that dueled against Rex and Noah in a table tennis championship.[1] Tired of their father's constant pushing, they gave up playing table tennis and are currently expert pianists.


During their high school's table tennis competition with Benjamin Franklin High School, Gabriel and Michael had to compete against Rex and Noah, who had remarkable table tennis skills. Their father, who desperately wanted them to win, used a nanite enhancing patch to juice them. The championship match became a battle between Rex and the brothers, with Rex becoming victorious. Afterwards, they revealed to their father that they never liked table tennis, and became piano players instead.[1]


Gabriel and Michael are aggressive and very competitive. Driven by their coach's ambition, they sometimes become very fierce and don't hesitate to use violence to win. However, they seemed very calm and composed when they competed on an activity they liked, playing piano.


Together, Gabriel and Michael operate the same body. They have enhanced strength and other enhanced conditions making them very powerful. When their nanites are enhanced, they turn much stronger, being able to jump higher heights, slam through stone walls with ease, and withstand inflicted pain. Other skills of theirs include remarkable table tennis playing skills and being skilled at playing piano.


Season Two


  • Their names are based on Archangels Gabriel and Michael.
  • John DiMaggio voiced both Gabriel and Michael in their rage form.[1]


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