Amazon Base

Gabriel Rylander's laboratory

After the Nanite Event occurred, Gabriel Rylander built a secret laboratory in the middle of the Amazon.[1]


After the Nanite Event Gabriel Rylander was one of the Nanite Project scientsist to escape the facility before it's destruction and was intrusted with the safe keeping of the Omega-1 Nanite. Leaving his wife and son for their own safety he went into hiding inside his makeshift base made out of a ancient temple

Gabriel sent several wealthy people whom funded the Nanite Project packages that sprayed them with a substance that temporarily turned them into EVOs. Providence was able to trace the packages origins to the base and sent a team consisting of Rex Salazar, Doctor Holiday, Agent Six, Bobo Haha and a couple of Providence agents to the base to secure it, Rylander, and his research.

Unfortunately The Pack was also able to track down the base and a fight soon ensued between the two sides. During his brief time alone with Rex Rylander hid inside him the Omega 1 Nanite before he sacrificed himself to temporarily kill Van Kleiss and the base apparently destroyed.[1]

Providence launched salvage and clean up operations on the base to ensure that they didn't leave behind any loose ends. Rex however discovered a Pack Member that had been petrified and left behind by Van Kleiss during the events of Dark Passage and after it was brought back to Providence Headquarters it was soon made a agent of the organization.[2]

White Knight discovered that Providence had salvaged the technology in the base and was using it to restart the nanite Project.[3]


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