The sirens within Providence begin blaring and Holiday runs to check out the computer monitors. She sits in a computer chair, places in her headset, and speaks to Rex.
Holiday Rex, I’m picking up a problem. You need to return to base immediately!
Rex I miss you too, Doc. But I’m kinda dealing with a problem of my own. [Rex forms boogie pack and flies into the air to fights with the EVO]. Okay, ow. Big mistake tweety. Can that bird brain of yours comprende I’m trying to help you?
Dr. Holiday Rex, your own nanite count is off the charts. If you take on any more nanites, we’re looking at an overload.
Rex C’mon Doc. It’s just a big birdy.
Dr. Holiday You’re already over capacity. This is critical. Rex!
Six Rex, you need to listen to the doctor.
Rex Huh?
Six This mission is revised. I need to back at headquarters. Now.
Rex Do you really want a super-sized pigeon flying loose all over lower Manhattan? You need me and I can handle it.
Six Not your call.
Rex Unless I make it my call. (Rex grapples with the EVO) Woah. (Rex cures the EVO) Another satisfied customer. Gotta quit trying to hold my hand, Doc. I have this thing down to a science. (Nanites get out of control)
Dr. Holiday Rex! Rex! What’s happening?
(Rex screams)
(Theme song)
Rex What’s h-happening to me?
Dr. Holiday Too many nanites in you. You’ve lost control of them. We need to perform an emergency offload right away.
Rex C’mon doc. I-it’s not that bad. (Rex groans) I’m going to be okay, right?
Six Just try to keep still. (Holiday sedates Rex)
Bobo That one was me.
Six We’re just a few clicks from Paradise Base. Storm’s kicking up.
Bobo You ever wonder what sick, twisted Providence flunky decided to name this base “Paradise”?
Dr. Holiday (Sirens blaring) This is Holiday. Prep the nanite tank for emergency offload.

I need 20 units of xenofluorane, biometric stabilizers, and a heavy duty surge protector. Stat!

Weaver H-hey. You’re not scheduled to be here for another two weeks.
Dr. Holiday We have a situation, Weaver.
Weaver You have a situation? I’m up to my neck in maintenance and inventory. You people just can’t just barge in here unannounced.
Dr. Holiday Actually we can. This base exists for the sole purpose of offloading Rex’s surplus nanites. You know communications black out in storms like this.
Weaver Half my equipment isn’t even back online. So you’re just gonna have to turn around and come back when—
Bobo Think again, pal.
(Rex groans and power flickers)
Dr. Holiday Listen carefully, Weaver. Unless you want to be responsible for the loss of Providence’s number one asset and unleashing the deadliest concentration of active nanites since the event, you will move out of my way.
Bobo Diagnostic cycle, huh? Well what are you waiting for? Deal me in.
Unnamed agent Gonna need a lot more green than that, chimp.
Bobo Woah, that’s some serious scratch. What’s your secret?
Unnamed agent Hazard pay and nothing to spend it on.
Bobo So cover me already. Bobo’s feeling lucky. What? You know I’m good for it.
Rex Just as warm and cozy as I remember it.
Dr. Holiday I know it’s not pleasant Rex, but we don’t have a choice.
Six Expecting someone?
Weaver Rebooting this system takes a little more time and precision than slicing up EVOs, okay?
Dr. Holiday Really? Then why is the tank reading nearly empty?
Weaver Oh, gee. I must have not had time to calibrate the nanite capacity gage. I must have been interrupted by some know-it-all chick in a big hurry to tell me how to do my job.
Rex Well Weaver’s just as warm and cozy as I remember him, too. Nanites are flowing. Can’t we skip the gas Doc?
Dr. Holiday I wish we could. But it’s the only way we can assure you won’t accidentally activate any nanites during the transfer.
Rex I know but that stuff always gives me…weird dreams.
Dr. Holiday Just try to relax. This will all be over before you know it.
Echo-y male voice C’mon Rexy you can do it. Stay with us.
Echo-y female voice It’s amazing. It’s like he talks to them.
Rex (while dreaming) Directive unknown. Programming complete. Unable to comply.
Rex (Sits up and gasps) Doc? Six? Bobo? Anyone? (Walks to locked door) Someone wanna let me out here? Fine, I’ll do it myself. (Opens door) Hello? Hello? (Radio static. Rex trips over downed agents) Woah! (Rex runs outside) Six! Doc! Bobo! Where is everybody?! (Figures appear out in the snow) Guys! (Shadows take shape of Biowulf and Skalamander) Skalamander? Biowulf? Just a dream. Shake it off. (The EVOs they’re riding on growl) Aw man.
(Commercial break)
Rex Ugh, this is so not a dream. They must’ve trashed the place.
Skalamander What’s the kid doin here?
Biowulf I don’t know. This was supposed to be routine. Something’s not right.
Rex What did you do with my friends?
Skalamander He thinks we’ve done something.
Biowulf Then let him keep thinking.
Rex Like you’re really gonna find me when you can’t see two feet in front of your face. Huh? (Rex gets shot down) Guess that visibility thing works both ways.
Skalamander Anywhere you run, we follow.
Rex Kinda what I was hoping. (Rex causes an avalanche) Can’t believe that actually worked. (Sirens blare back at the base) (Back in the tank control room) Weaver?
Weaver You’re okay.
Rex The pack’s outside. Don’t worry. I took care of them.
Weaver It all happened so fast. I was afraid they might have damaged the tank. Maybe you can give me a hand here.
Rex What do you need me to do?
Weaver Make sure they’re all still deactivated.
Rex That’s weird. I’m picking up activity. A lot of activity. (Weaver gases Rex)
Weaver (Sighs in relief) (On the walkie talkie:) Biowulf. Skalamander. Are you there? It’s safe. I’ve taken care of everything. (No response on the radio) Hello?
Rex You know, the nanites inside me can counteract knockout gas. The playing possum thing’s a pretty good trick. Now tell me where my friends are, or I start squeezing. (They hear banging coming from a closet)
Dr. Holiday Rex.
Bobo (Bobo goes over to the stacks of money on the floor and picks up an armful) What? Just tidyin’ up.
Rex Can’t believe you let these skags get the drop on you.
Six They tried. It didn’t turn out well. Just haven’t found a way to fight xenofluorane gas. Yet. (Puts a magni-blade to Weaver’s throat) Who you working for?
Rex Van Kleiss. That’s why Biowulf and Skalamander came knocking.
Six The pack. Here?
Dr. Holiday Of course. The low tank reading. The high stakes at the poker table. Weaver and his crew have been trading Rex’s surplus nanites for cash.
Six You panicked. And gassed us before we could catch you in the act.
Rex So thanks to you, all this time I’ve been supplying nanites to Van Kleiss?!
Weaver Keep away from me, freak!
Dr. Holiday Six, it’s sealed from the inside.
I’ll get him out.
Weaver Come any closer, and I vent this entire tank.
Dr. Holiday They’re deactivated nanites, Weaver. Completely harmless.
Weaver Van Kleiss isn’t gonna pay top dollar for deactivated nanites.
Dr. Holiday He found a way to reactivate them.
Weaver What’s the matter, Doc. Think you’re the only genius working for Providence?
Rex I don’t think he’s lying. Something was definitely up with the nanites in the tank.
Six Don’t do anything stupid Weaver.
Weaver You’re all just gonna leave this base like nothing ever happened. Then give safe passage and total immunity for me and my crew.
Bobo Yeah, what’s left of ‘em.
Six Now why would we do that?
Biowulf ’Cause it’d be a shame to waste all those precious nanites.
(Six, Bobo and Rex fight the pack)
Dr. Holiday Stop! Need I point out this isn’t the best place for a fight? Anything happens to that storage tank, and you’ll know why Providence made this place so remote. Now let’s just talk this out calmly. Rationally.
Biowulf Whatever happens here Weaver, it’s nothing compared to what Van Kleiss would’ve done to you.
Dr. Holiday Weaver no! Don’t you know what will happen if you release all of those activated nanites?
Rex I’ll shut it down.
Dr. Holiday Rex we don’t have time. We have to go.
Weaver Wait! This was just to get rid of them. It’s only steam. Look. We’re still in business. C’mon. Shut down! Stop! Don’t leave me here! No! Come back! (Weaver screams as he mutates.)
Dr. Holiday Rex, could you tell how many of the nanites in the tank were active.
Rex Pretty much all of them.
Dr. Hoilday That’s a lot of nanites.
(Commercial break)
Rex What do you say, guys? Common enemy? Little help?
Biowulf (Scoffs) Good luck.
Rex Right. What was I thinking?
Six Get to the transport. Radio for back up.
Rex Back up? I can handle this.
Six Maneuver him away from the ship, and I’ll take the shot.
Rex I said I can handle this. (Rex fails to injure Weaver) Alright I’ll try to maneuver him.
Dr. Holiday (Gasps) We need to get this thing airborne now.
Bobo (Shivers) I’d settle for just crankin’ up the heater.
Rex Oh. So you don’t like sharp pointy things, huh? Then you’re gonna hate this. (Rex tries to slice Weaver) Doesn’t anything hurt this guy?
Dr. Holiday C’mon. C’mon. (Bobo screams)
Six We just have to hold him off til the air strike.
Rex Air strike? You called in an air strike?!
Six You can’t possibly absorb all those nanites. You’d over load in an instant. (Over the com:) Do not cure! That’s an order!
Rex In case you haven’t noticed, I have this problem with authority.
Six This is beyond your limits Rex.
Echo-y male voice C’mon Rexy. You can do it. Stay with us.
Rex Six wait! I can hear them
Dr. Holiday What are you waiting for Six? Take the shot!
Rex Build protocol enabled. Command error detected. Abort. Abort. Standby. Engage. (Rex falls) Take the shot.
Six Rex!
Rex (Groans) Did I say something? Before…
Six Don’t worry about it. It was just the nanites talking. Figure of speech. We’re gonna get you help.
Rex Thought I could handle it.
Six I know.
Rex (Weaver gets back up but is knocked down by the airship) Guess I’m not the only one who needs a little backup, eh Six?
Dr. Holiday Though we’d lost you that time, Rex.
Rex I had the weirdest dream.
Six It wasn’t a dream
Rex But Paradise base…
Six Was destroyed. This is Purgatory base.
Dr. Holiday You don’t think Providence would risk leaving it’s number one asset without a backup facility.
Bobo And that aint the best part.
Rex Isn’t exactly a tropical paradise.
Bobo Eh. At least it’s warm.
Six He told me he could hear them.
Dr. Holiday I picked this up during the offload. It’s nanite. I’m sure of it.
Six Seems like there’re more secrets inside that kid than we realized.
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