Agent Six: Rex. You need to listen to the doctor.
Rex: Huh?
Agent Six: This mission is revised. I need you back at Headquarters. Now!
Rex: Do you really want a super-sized pigeon flying loose over lower Manhattan. You need me and I handle it.
Agent Six: Not your call.

Doctor Holiday: You're already over capacity. This is critical! REX!

Bobo Haha: Do you ever wonder what sick twisted Providence flunky decided to name this base "Paradise?"

Doctor Holiday: We have a situation, Weaver.
Weaver: You have a situation. I'm up to my neck in maintenance, and inventory. You people just can't barge in here unannounced.
Doctor Holiday: Actually,we can! This base exists for the sole purpose of offloading Rex's surplus nanites! You know communications black out in storms like this.
Weaver: Half my equipment isn't even back online. So you have to turn around and come back when...
Bobo Haha: (Bobo and Six aim their weapons at Weaver) Think again pal!

Rex: (as he's flying over the Pack in an Arctic storm) Like you're really going to find me when you can't see 2 feet in front of your face... Huh? (Flies into some of Skalamander's shards and crashes) Rex: Guess that visibility thing works both ways.

Rex: (To Weaver) So, thanks to you, all this time I've been supplying nanites to Van Kleiss!

Rex: Can't you believe you let these scags get the drop on you.
Agent Six: They tried. It didn't turn out so well. Just haven't found a way to fight xenoflourine gas... yet.

Dr. Holiday: (as everyone is fighting) STOP! Need I point out that this isn't the best place for a fight. Anything happens to that storage tank and you'll know why Providence made this place so remote. Now let's just talk this out calmly, rationally.
Biowulf: Whatever happens here, Weaver. It's nothing compared to what Van Kleiss would have done to you.

Rex: What do you say guys? Common enemy? Little help?
Biowulf: Good luck.(Biowulf and Skalamander run off)
Rex: Right. What was I thinking?

Agent Six: You can't possibly absorb all those nanites! You'd overload in an instant. Do not cure. That's an order!
Rex: In case you haven't noticed, I have this problem with authority.

Rex: (as Rex is absorbing nanites) Six wait! I can hear them!
Doctor Holiday: (Watching from the ship) What are you waiting for, Six? Take the shot!
Rex: (Speaking mechanically) Build protocol enabled. Command error detected. Abort. Abort. Stand by engaged. (Rex falls. His voice reverts to normal) Take the shot.
Agent Six: REX!

Agent Six: He told me he could hear them.
Doctor Holiday: I picked this up during the offload... It's Nanite. I'm sure of it.
Agent Six: Seems there are more secrets inside that kid than we realized.
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