Frog EVO
Frog EVO profile
Vital statistics
Name Frog EVO
Species Animal EVO
Physical description
Eye color Pale green
Abilities  ·Can expel acid-like substance out small pores back that crystallize in sunlight.
Further info
First appearance "Moonlighting"
Last appearance "Enemies Mine"
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The Frog EVO is a large EVO that most likely use to be a frog. He was confined by Providence.



It first appeared in the basement of a resident in Brooklyn. It was being "taken care of" by Rombauer and Lansky. Rex stepped in to save them the trouble. It later set up a nest in the New York subway where the fungus it was massively producing turned into a nearly indestructible crystal once it was exposed to light. it was finally defeated by the EVO Guys and brought to Providence, who confined it. [1]

Enemies Mine

As a prison break at a Providence facility took place, the Frog EVO was trying to escape. He encountered Rex, and Rex defeated him; preventing it's escape.[2]


The Frog EVO has the uncanny ability to spew a strange acidic, thick green liquid out of the pores on its back. However, the liquid doesn't appear to hurt it. When exposed to sunlight, the green liquid forms into a indestructible purple crystal.


Season Two

Season Three


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