Foul Mouth
Foul Mouth
Vital statistics
Name Foul Mouth
Species Human EVO
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Abilities  ·Prehensile tongue
Weapons  ·Prehensile tongue fangs
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Bobo Haha
Further info
First appearance "Lockdown"
Last appearance "Basic"
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Foul Mouth is an EVO who was first seen terrorizing a grocery store. He was later captured by Providence and used in the Cage.


Foul Mouth was seen fighting Rex at Valley Market. When the EVO's constant laughing agitated Rex, Rex's temper burst and he quickly defeated him.[1]

Later on, he was one of the EVOs that was being used to train Providence recruits. He later escaped from the Cage but was promptly recaptured.[2]


Using his tongue, Foul Mouth can lift and throw objects with ease at his opponents. He also seems to possess enhanced durability since he was capable of taking heavy hits from Rex's weapons.


Season One


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