Flower EVO
Flower EVO
Vital statistics
Species Plant EVO
Abilities Multiple bodies
Weapons Tentacles
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, Black Knight, Providence, Bobo Haha, Rebecca Holiday
Further info
First appearance "Double Vision" (only appearance)
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The flower EVO was an incredible EVO that nearly caused an EVO infection on a global scale. It was finally cured at its core by Rex.


It's unaware how the flower EVO began its transition into an EVO, but it was first seen fighting with Rex and Agent Six by a flower shop in the city. It was difficult to restrain until Black Knight and Providence arrived at the scene to collar the EVO. The different solutions each team had caused them to pull and tear apart the EVO, causing seedlings to fly out and scatter into the air. The seedlings would touch a non-EVO human, causing them to transform into and be possessed by the flower EVO. A second flower EVO was reported, and Rex successfully cured it, revealing it to be a small bouquet.

Overtime, the seedlings touched more people and Holiday reported that if the seedlings weren't stopped, the infection could go global. With the multiple infections throughout the city, the growth of a new EVO was at hand and it was large enough to consume the city. With the help of Providence, Rex was thrown into the core of the plant, eventually curing it of every infection and ridding of all its seedlings. Everything returned back to normal.[1]



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