Fitzy Feakins
Vital statistics
Name Fitzy Feakins
Species Human EVO
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Reddish-brown
Eye color Green
Abilities Nanite nullifying
Allies Noah Nixon, Rex Salazar, Rebecca Holiday
Enemies Black Knight, Providence
Further info
First appearance "Deadzone"
Last appearance "Endgame, Part 1"
Portrayed by: Tom Kenny
Images | Quotes
If we don't get a milkshake, it's not going to be my fault if my lunch ends up all over these very nice leather seats!

–Feakins, "Deadzone"

Fitzy Feakins is a human EVO who is urgently wanted by Providence because of his unique EVO powers. He is currently hiding out from Providence and is an ally of the Providence Defect Group.


Season Three


According to Feakins, prior to his EVO transformation, he was just an ordinary, rock-loving accountant.

After being pulled over and interrogated by Providence, Rex and Noah had ran into them. Rex and Noah rescued him and decided to escape with Feakins. They soon found out his powers, the ability to interfere with active nanites around him, and communicated with Dr. Holiday, who informed them that it was obvious that Black Knight wanted him only to make EVO capture much simpler, specifically with Rex himself.

After a long and difficult pursuit, they all met up with Holiday at a planned rendezvous. They stationed him in an ice cream truck to hide away from Providence. Rex called it the perfect hiding place due to Feakins' love of milkshakes.[1]

Endgame, Part 1

Unluckily, Feakins was captured by Providence, saying that he feared being killed by Black Knight. He was forced to neutralize Rex's nanites, allowing him to easily be defeated and taken in by Providence. He was also forced to help Van Kleiss sabotage the Meta-Nanite extraction process so that he could get them himself.[2]


Feakins is somewhat nerdy and clumsy. He is prone to getting motion sickness in cars, which prompts him to repeatedly question when he will receive a milkshake, a trait which both Rex and Noah find very annoying. However, he was shown to be quite the "geology buff" being able to detect the location of a set of train tracks in the dark based on the location of the nearby shale and quartz.


Feakins has the ability to induce a nanite "deadzone" in his general vicinity, thereby negating the nanite abilities of any nearby EVO. It is unclear whether this would force an EVO back to its original form while in his presence; in the case of Rex, it stopped him from activating his powers and dampened his nanite signature. Dr. Holiday refers to him as the "ultimate insurance against any EVO."[1]


Season Three


  • Though Feakins enjoys milkshakes, he is ironically allergic to ice cream.[1]
  • Feakins looks very similar to his voice actor, Tom Kenny.
  • Feakins calls just about everyone "guy," presumably because he makes no effort to learn their name.
  • Technically, Feakins is an incureable EVO, as Rex's nanites are not active around him, and therefore unable to cure him. However, he may have been cured after the worldwide curing event.


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