Federico profile

Federico as an EVO

Vital statistics
Name Federico
Species Human EVO
Affiliation(s) Abuela's were-EVO grandchildren
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Weapons Claws
Relatives Abuela (adoptive grandmother)
Allies Abuela, Rex Salazar, Caesar Salazar, Esteban
Enemies Hunter Cain, Esteban (formerly)
Further info
First appearance "Night Falls" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Bobby Soto
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It's me, Federico! Have you forgotten our secret handshake?

–Federico to Rex, "Night Falls"

Federico is a childhood friend of Rex's and is treated like a relative by Abuela. He is also a soccer prodigy.


When Federico and Rex were younger, they used to play together during summer vacations at Abuela's place.

Federico first appeared when he and many of the other grandchildren of Abuela were turning into werewolf-like EVOs via Werewolf Syndrome dormant in their genes. Federico was released, and later recaptured by Rex. Caesar Salazar worked on an antidote since Rex could not cure them in their human form, and their EVO forms would not let him. Although the antidote did not completely cure Federico, it allowed him to transform into his EVO form at will without losing control.[1]


Federico has a very fun-loving personality that is similar to Rex's. He loves soccer more than almost anything else in the world, and once even thought of going pro. However, after he injured some talent scouts during one of his EVO transformations, he was banned from soccer.[1]


Due to his untamed EVO powers, Federico had to be locked up in his room by nightfall. Once the moon would come out, he would begin to transform into a violent Were-EVO capable of doing much damage. Thanks to the solar-energized "cure" from Rex and Caesar, Federico gained control over his EVO transformation. His were-EVO form is derived from the dormant Hypertrichosis genes in his DNA causing a werewolf-like transformation. While in this form, Federico has quick reflexes, enhanced strength, speed, and fangs and claws capable of cutting through tough objects. Federico is also a skilled soccer player, but his wild EVO nature made him give it up. After he gained control of his EVO powers, he stated that he planned to try out again.[1]


Rex Salazar

213-Rex meets Federico

Rex and Federico are introduced to one another.

Rex and Federico were the best of friends when they were little, and they still seem to be on good terms despite Rex's amnesia. As children, they would put underpants over their heads and act out lucha libre movies. This earned them both the title of "las cabezas de trapos".[1]

Caesar Salazar

Caesar and Federico have known each other since Federico was just a small kid. Federico seems to trust Caesar's scientific skills and judgement, as he let Caesar run a few tests on him.[1]


Federico treats Abuela like she is his grandmother and trusts the woman's judgement fully, allowing her to lock him away at night and hide him from Providence.[1]

Mayor Esteban

Despite knowing Federico from his childhood, Esteban viewed the teenager as a possible threat to the townspeople, which was something Federico strongly disliked.[1]


Season Two


  • Federico is the only Were-EVO to be named, or given any information or even shown transforming, in-and-out of human/EVO forms.[1]
  • Before Rex and Caesar came, he changed into a Were-EVO every night along with others in the village.


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