EVO Father Jose

Father Jose

Vital statistics
Name Jose
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown and gray
Abilities Spine projectiles
Manipulating cacti
Further info
First appearance "String Theory" (only appearance)
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Father Jose was a cactus EVO that was cured by Rex.[1]


During the mission in a village in Mexico, a cactus EVO appeared and caused destruction. Since Rex was not doing his job efficiently, Agent Six went to eliminate the EVO but Rex cured him just before he did. After he was cured he is shown to be a priest called Father Jose.[1]

Another time, Father Jose was briefly mentioned when, at the end of Ultimate Exposure, the questioned cowboy stated: "He saved my priest" and in the background the remains of Father Jose's EVO form was shown.[2]


Jose was capable of shooting giant cactus spines that could pierce concrete and growing giant plant-like appendages. After his fight with Six and Rex, he was cured and his powers removed.[1]


Season One


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