White Knight: Ladies and gentlemen, the delightful miss Farrah and her crew have used the Freedom of Information act to force... (clears throat) allow them access to a day in the life of Providence.

Rex Salazar: So what's going on, Van Kleiss attack in the HQ again?
Agent Six: Worse...
Diane: I'm Diane Farrah and, for the first time ever, we've got an exclusive all-access pass inside the top-secret organization known as Providence. To uncover for our viewers, all the juiciest behind-the scenes details of this most secret of institutions. And to find out the real story behind that man of mystery you've all wondered about for so long. All your questions are about to be answered. Welcome to Providence Exposed! (Camera closes-up on her face) On Ultimate Exposure!

Bobo Haha: You can't prove a thing!

Six: Agent Six is the name. On behalf of Providence, I'd like to welcome you to our facility.
Diane: Spare me the small talk, I'm here to ask the tough questions, and I expect truthful answers.
Six: Shoot.
Diane: there a Mrs. Six ? (Combs her hair)

Diane Farrah: Tell me, Six... May I call you Six? What is the real truth behind the Nanite event that created the EVOs?
Agent Six: That's classified.
Diane Farrah: What is your role, if any, in that event?
Agent Six: That's classified, too.
Diane Farrah: Are you always this talkative?
Agent Six: No comment.
Diane So, Agent Six, how did you become a Providence Agent.
Six: That's also highly sensitive.
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