Esteban profile
Vital statistics
Aliases Mayor
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Weapons Shotgun
Allies Caesar Salazar
Further info
First appearance "Night Falls" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: David Barrera
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Caesar: "Esteban?!"
Esteban: "It's mayor Esteban now!"
— Caesar and Esteban meet again after many years.

Esteban is the mayor of the town that Rex and Caesar stopped by in their trip to visit Abuela.[1]


Esteban and Caesar attended the same class as children. During that time Esteban wanted to be class president but he was outvoted by a more popular classmate, Mariela Rodriguez.

Years later, Caesar and Rex briefly stopped at their hometown while on their way to visit Abuela. Esteban, now the mayor of the town, was stunned by their arrival at City Hall and immediately recognized Caesar. After learning that the Salazar brothers wanted to visit Abuela, Esteban warned Caesar that it was not the same there.

Soon, after Caesar and his brother met with their grandma, Esteban paid a visit to Abuela, ordering her to leave. When Federico and Rex fought in the village, Esteban called in Hunter Cain to drive the EVOs out of town. When the fight was over, he was seen with Abuela and the others during dinner.[1]


Caesar Salazar

Esteban and Caesar were classmates and thus they treat each other in a friendly manner. He appears to be concerned about Caesar's safety, as he suggested his friend spend the night in town instead of Abuela's place.[1]


Season Two


  • He is the first to mention Rex as the little "Cabeza de trapo", meaning "rag heads" in english.[1]


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