Engineer village

Rex and Jacob stroll throughout the village.

The engineer village was a small, cloaked village formed and inhabited by a group of engineers and their families. Their main objective was to find a way to communicate with nanites through a large antenna, in the middle of village, with the help of the Architect to achieve a revolution. Rex found out that their "Architect" was a programmed robot by a machine named Zag RS and defeated it with the help of the villagers.


Running away from Providence, Rex ran into Jacob and his co-workers who had gotten into a skirmish with EVOs. Rex saved them and was welcomed into their village that held a cloaking device, rendering the village invisible. Rex stayed with the village for a few days to help them build their machines and devices with his technopathy to help reach their objective. Rex was told about the Architect and how he was leader of all of their work. Rex eventually went deeper into the works of this mysterious stranger and eventually found an artificial intelligence called Zag RS who was behind a dirty plan to communicate with every nanite worldwide to self-destruct, potentially wiping out every living thing on Earth. After the scam was brought to everyone's attention, they fought back. Ultimately, Rex won the battle, damaging the cloaking device in the process, partially revealed the village for some time.[1]




Season One


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