Electric EVO
Electric E.V.O. profile
Vital statistics
Name Electric EVO
Species Animal EVO
Physical description
Eye color Orange
Abilities  ·Electricity absorption
 ·Electric generation
Enemies Rex Salazar, Agent Six, White Knight, Dr. Holiday, Bobo Haha, Blinky
Further info
First appearance "Exposed" (only appearance)
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The Electric EVO is an EVO that can absorb electricity and molts when growing larger. It was a significant threat to Providence at one point after Rex had released it from it's containment.


After the EVO was released by Bobo, it was difficult to recapture. When Rex and Bobo tried recapturing it, it molted its skin due to its growth. Bobo and Rex were notified by Dr. Holiday that it was secured in an electromagnetic cell that could contain it due to its threat level. They were ordered by White Knight to recapture it before it absorbed all the electricity from the facility. When absorbing a great amount of power, it became much larger to the point where it fell through the floors. To capture it, Six cut off its legs and it fell to the ground in order to be cured by Rex. After being cured, it was revealed to be a tarantula.[1]


Season Two


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