EVO performer
E.V.O. Performer profile
Vital statistics
Species Human EVO
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color White
Abilities Capable of controlling a growing/retracting prehensile limb
Weapons Prehensile limb

Prehensile limb fangs

Allies Rex, Kenwyn
Enemies Mouse, AMP
Further info
First appearance "Lost Weekend" (only appearance)
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The EVO Performer is an EVO who performed at a party in the Sonoran Desert. He was one of Mouse's victims at the party.[1]


He performed at an EVO party and amazed the audience with his ability to allow his prehensile limb, with teeth, swallow a bird and bring it back up through his mouth whole.

Later, his powers were enhanced by AMP, which caused him to go berserk and get into a battle with Rex. Eventually, he was stopped by Kenwyn, who knocked him unconscious. At the end he came back to consciousnesses.[1]


Season Two


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