EVO Guys
EVO Guys
Notable members Rombauer
Location Brooklyn, New York
Purpose EVO extermination.
First appearance "Moonlighting" (only appearance)
We do the jobs that Providence won't do.

Rombauer and Lansky, "Moonlighting"

The EVO Guys is a small business group that operates in Brooklyn. Its members go out looking for less hazardous EVOs that roam the city's sidelines while Providence deals with more dangerous ones.


After Rombauer and Lansky dropped out of Providence Basic Training,[1] the two formed a business for the purpose of handling small and usually harmless EVOs, realizing that Providence would only be after EVOs that were larger and more threatening.

The EVO Guys was considered a famous EVO busting duo for the citizens of Brooklyn. They had their own commercial, logo, a truck, and their own uniform and weapons. They also had their own fan club and sandwich that was named after them. Though they mainly worked in Brooklyn, the EVO Guys claimed that they were available 24/7 anywhere (except on holidays, before noon, and in certain areas).

Their business boomed once Rex joined their team, even resulting in an Ultimate Exposure interview and an upgrade of their sandwich. However, after a while there was an issue between the members. Rombauer and Lansky later stepped out of their usual job and helped Rex defeat a Frog EVO, thus saving Brooklyn.

They ultimately declined Rex's offer to return to Providence, and kept their business, even though Rex was no longer working with them.[2]

It seems as if their business has been very successful, considering the fact that their service was seen on one of the billboards in the city.[3]



R&L sandwich

The EVO Guys' "R & L sandwich".

  • They have their own sandwich at "Nusbaum Beli" restaurant. It is called the "R & L sandwich" (roast beef, lettuce, sourdough, tomato, ham, Swiss cheese, olive, Mayo, and honey mustard).
    • After Rex joined them the sandwich was renamed to "R, R & L".
  • Their number is 1-800-555-0199.
  • At the beginning of "Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United", as the Keep entered the scene, a neon light of the EVO Guys was present on a billboard on one of the buildings.


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