Durango Profile
Vital statistics
Name Durango
Species Animal EVO
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blue (fur)
Eye color Black
Abilities Muscle alteration
Relatives Chiquito (brother)
Enemies Rex Salazar, Noah Nixon, Claire Bowman, Annie
Further info
First appearance "Hermanos" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Rick Negron
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Durango is a blue-colored minotaur-like EVO and the older brother of Chiquito.


After the Nanite Event in which most of the Salazar family was killed and the rest rendered unavailable, Durango turned EVO and took over the land by claim jumping it. Rex, Noah, Claire, and Annie arrived to check the Salazar estate out and in the process learned of Durango's occupation of the land.

Durango and his younger brother Chiquito hampered the others' attempts to use the land by setting fire to the house. Durango proceeded to fight and stall Rex long enough that the market was close to closing, and he had yet to bring their lone cow to market. Realizing that Rex had literally picked up the cow and was carrying it to market, Durango attempted to create a landslide.

Instead, Annie used her ability to destroy everything she touches to create the landslide and bury Durango under rubble. The group's actions broke Durango's hold over the area and the villagers could now work and live in peace.[1]


Durango is very power hungry, seeking to own much land for unknown reasons. Despite this hunger for power, he seems to prefer negotiation over violence. He is also very patient, but his patience does run thin as seen when he attempted to brand his brother for doing a wrong job.


Being an EVO, Durango is a formidable opponent. He is fast and agile enough to sneak away undetected from Noah and company and able to cause rock slides. He also has the ability to increase his muscle mass.



Durango and Chiquito are brothers, and it is implied that Durango is older. Durango's patience with his brother's incompetence runs highly low, to the point where he tried to brand him. Though Chiquito seems somewhat scared of his brother, he still loves him as seen when he hugs him. Durango himself admitted that if they weren't brothers then he would not have been so nice.


Season Three


  • While his design seems to be based on the Minotaur, a creature from Greek mythology, Durango is Argentinean. However, his design could be a reference to bullfighters.
  • He is the fourth known EVO with a sibling. The first is Rex whose brother is Caesar, the second is Beverly Holiday whose sister is Rebecca Holiday, and the third is Gabriel and Michael.
  • He is the third character to bleed. The first was White Knight and the second was Van Kleiss.
  • Durango is a state in Northwest Mexico.


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