Dunky profile
Vital statistics
Name Dunky
Affiliation(s) Skaters
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Allies McKelly, Beagle, Shades
Further info
First appearance "The Day That Everything Changed"
Last appearance "Grounded"
Portrayed by: Duncan Rouleau
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Dunky is a teenager who normally hangs out with a group of skaters.


When first meeting Rex, Dunky and his friends were slightly startled at the fact that Rex was an EVO until they found out he was able to use technopathy. When Rex demonstrated his technopathy to buy them free cans of soda from a vending machine, they thought he would be very good use at the arcade. However, when Rex refused, they called it an end with their friendship and insulted him with names.[1]

Dunky and his friends reappeared with Noah in order to throw a party at Providence because all of the Providence agents were out for off-site training.[2]


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Season Two



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