201-Construction zone

I don't care if it's a construction zone.

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The episode starts as a butterfly flies through plants in a flower shop. Suddenly, Rex is thrown into the shop window, making nearby civilians run away. Rex gets up and looks out of the broken glass, seeing a beastly plant EVO, a few people watching, and Agent Six slashing his swords around to evade the EVO's tentacles.
Rex [Pants and brushes leaves off his sleeve and puts on goggles.] Not bad!

[Uses the Punk Busters to jump out of the shop and generates his Smack Hands to uppercut the EVO, causing it to crash into a nearby building.] But I'm better!

The EVO gets out of the glass windows and roars, attacking Agent Six.
Agent Six [Cuts off a tentacle and walks towards Rex.] Talk is cheap, Rex. Prove it.
Rex [Generating the Smack Hands.] No problemo.
The EVO rushes towards Rex, unfortunately, Rex grabs it and slams it onto the ground. A random girl is driving up the road on a moped. However, she is stopped as the EVO blocks the path.
Rex [Putting his hands up to assure the girl.] Nothing to worry about, I've got this handled. [Turns to EVO, whom is still on the floor.] Okay big guy, say adiós to those nasty nanites.
Rex [Rex kneels down to cure the EVO, flowers spout out of the EVO] Aw, for me? Does this mean we're dating?
Suddenly, the flowers shoot out some goo into Rex's face, making him slam onto the floor, a crowd forms around the battle.
Rex [Yelps while getting up and pulls his goggles off and wipes the goo off his face.] Oh, that's better. [He gives his goggles to the random female on the moped] Hey! Watch these for me. [Runs back into battle and generates the Punk Busters and kicks the blacked out EVO over a building.] Goal! Hey thanks for holding onto my...huh?...
Rex turns around to see the girl missing from the crowd. Deforming his Punk Busters, he spots the girl riding away on her moped. She turns to look back at Rex, appearing to have on his goggles.
Rex Goggles!
Rex puts one of his hands up to signal for her to wait, but the EVO returns and wraps its tentacle around Rex's neck. The EVO twists Rex in mid-air in the sky for a minute before slamming him onto the cement. Rex gets up and sees the goggle girl riding away out of sight.
Rex Hey! You've got my...ungh...goggles...
Opening intro
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