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Five: (after fighting Rex) Not half bad really.
IV: (Scoffs) I've seen better moves on a chess board.
Trey: Well, I thought he was pretty good, y'all.
Dos: Si. But is he good enough?
Agent Six: (Entering) Yes. And that's why we're taking him with us.
Rex: Six? What you -?
(Dos gases Rex)

Agent Six: Hurry! They still got him. You can try again.
Rex: It won't matter, Six. He's uncureable. I'm sorry.
Dos: Them we'll do what we should have done in the first place. We'll handle this our way.

Dos: Your plan did not work. This is the only option.
Agent Six: Killing our teacher was never an option! Even if Rex can't cure him, we can still help.
IV: We've heard about your petting zoo. He's not an animal.
Five: One would sooner die than live in a cage.
Trey: And no cage could hold him.
Rex: Let me try again. Please there's gotta be something I can do.
Dos: NO! One is gone! That thing is not him anymore - just an ambomination that needs to be destroyed.
Agent Six: That man gave me a home when I had nothing. He trained me. He took care of me. Now I'm going to take care of him!

Trey: Come on. We're just trying to do the right thing, huh?
Rex: Like Six told you...
IV: Forget Six! Look at him, kid. He's just a monster now. You know we're right.
Rex: ...All I know, is that I trust Six!
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