Dos Profile
Vital statistics
Name Dos
Aliases 2nd most dangerous man on the earth
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Black
Abilities Swordsman
Weapons Swordstick
Further info
First appearance "Divide By Six" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Carlos Alazraqui
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Dos ("two" in Spanish) is an elderly Spanish gentleman whose teammates are Trey, IV, Five and Six. He is so named for being the second most dangerous man on the planet[1] Since the death of One, he is presumably the current leader of The Six.


At some point in Dos' life, he met his mentor One and later met Trey, IV, Five, and Six. Dos and the rest of The Six kidnapped Rex for the purpose of curing One. When Rex failed to cure One, he and the others agreed to kill One because they believed that killing him was better than locking him up in a cage. After Dos was defeated, he helped Rex even though One died eventually.[1]


As the second most dangerous man on the planet, Dos is the cruelest of his group. Though he cares for his mentor, One, he is very willing to kill him, just to "put him out of his misery". Six stated that Dos never shows mercy.[1]


Due to being the second most dangerous man on the planet, his fighting skills are very proficient and he has remarkably quick reflexes. His main weapon is a cane that can be used as a laser pistol, a gas emitter, or sharpened into a blade. For instance, he managed to briefly fend off both Rex and Six simultaneously with his cane.[1]


Agent Six

He and Agent Six were trained by One. He didn't believe in Rex while Six disagreed comparing his partner's bravery with Dos'.

The Six

One trained Dos, Trey, IV, Five and Six. It is assumed that he is the current leader, since One was preoccupied with fighting his sickness and later when he died. The others are Dos' comrades trained by One. They believed his judgement about killing their mentor when he is incurable. Although Five follows his leadership like the other members, Dos holds a grudge against her for not helping him at Buenos Aires.[1]


Season Two


  • Dos stated that he was from Spain.[1]
  • He has proven to be the fourth character in the series capable of speaking Spanish.[1]
  • Dos and his group have lost only one case in Malaysia.[1]
  • Dos's name is revealed to be a rank. Considering the state of One, he is arguably the new most dangerous man on the planet, but he believes One is still One.[1]
  • He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, who also voiced Rocko on Rocko's Modern Life and Lazlo on Camp Lazlo.


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