Donna profile
Vital statistics
Base of operations TV studio
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Grey
Eye color Green
Allies Noah
Further info
First appearance "Phantom of the Soap Opera" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Randee Heller
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Donna is an elder, chief page and Noah's TV studio boss.


Donna first suddenly appeared when Noah was describing her to Rex. She casually tied the female tourists away from the studio and then handed the rope to Noah. According to Noah, Donna was a very strict supervisor who was always watching all of the pages and would criticize even for a small mistake. Despite her short appearance, she was feared by everyone, especially Noah. However, in the end she was very pleased and proud of Noah (even embracing him) when she heard all the positive reviews from the other actors. Though she was completely oblivious about him switching roles with Rex, she believed that Noah would be promoted to chief page faster than her.[1]


Season Three


  • It took her 67 years to be a chief page.[1]


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