Dimensional Disrupter

The dimensional disrupter held by Caesar.

A dimensional disruptor is a machine created by Caesar Salazar. It was created to send Alpha to an alternate dimension in another universe, such as the Null Void.


First, Caesar attempted to reuse the weapon on Alpha once more, but Ben Tennyson rebounded the firing of the weapon and caused a malfunction in the weapon. Later, Caesar went to do more repairs on it and eventually fixed the dimensional disruptor. He used it on Alpha, opening a large red portal that led straight into the Null Void dimension, sending him right to it.[1]


Season Three


  • Ben Tennyson said the dimensional disrupter is similar to a Null Void projector in his universe.
  • The device's similarities to the Null Void projector supports the idea of Caesar's genius, as in Ben's dimension the projector was originally invented by the Galvan, a race of small hyper-intellgent aliens. They are responsible for creating most of the great technology in the universe, including Ben's Omnitrix, Ultimatrix, and the sword Ascalon. Although, no human is even close to galvan intelligence, as they are able to build planets with ease, Caesar has shown to make technology comparable to Galvan work; most of the nanite technology is based on ideas thought of by Caesar and with assistance from a group of scientists Caesar has created futuristic-level technology: Alpha, the Omega-1 Nanite, the Nanite Project, and harness the Dominion Code to create the Meta-Nanites.

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