This article is about the EVO. For the news reporter, see Diane Farrah.
Diane profile
Vital statistics
Name Diane
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Red (human)
Eye color Yellow (EVO)
Dark (human)
Abilities Enhanced strength
Relatives Three unnamed children
Further info
First appearance "A Family Holiday" (only appearance)
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Diane is an EVO who was involved in Branden Moses' EVO curing scam.


At some point in Diane's life, she had three children. However, she eventually went EVO and was treated poorly ever since.

She was later used in one of Branden Moses' scientific demonstrations, where he presented a machine that could supposedly cure EVOs. When testing it on Diane, she appeared to become partially cured.

Diane Cured A Family Holiday

Diane appears to be partially cured.

Later, Rex and Agent Six investigated Branden Moses' business. After the two broke into Moses Labs, Rex looked into the machine and discovered that it was a scam: Diane had never been cured partially or otherwise.[1]


Season Two


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