Crustacean EVO
Crab EVO
Species Animal
Body type Humanoid, crustacean
Adaptations Growth
Unusual features Claws have eyes and tongues
Further info
First appearance "Waste Land" (only appearance)

Crustacean EVOs are EVOs that resemble crabs that stand on two legs. They reside in Aquania with Serge.


When Rex first saw these creatures, he and Agent Six had gotten into a difficult confrontation with them. Rex and Six escaped with their lives, but were eventually surrounded by them once again. Fortunately, the EVOs were tamed by Serge, who could control them. They appeared to be very friendly. Rex brought back a baby Crustacean EVO as a souvenir for Holiday.[1][1]


Season Two

Video Games


Rex and crab evo

A Crustacean EVO in Generator Rex: Agent of Providence.

  • In the Generator Rex series, Crustacean EVOs seem to be friendly. However, they appear to be enemies in the Generator Rex: Agent of Providence video game and are named EVO crab men.
    • There are three variants in the game, the first a brown variant explained as being a version of EVO that evolved from land insects, the blue ones native to Aquania, and finally red elite versions that are stronger then regular EVO Crab men.


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