Rex: I'm gonna go out and look for those racers.

Bobo: Sounds dangerous.

Rex: Sure Bobo, you can come to.

Rex: I'll watch the road, you watch the screen.

Bobo: I gotta warn you, chimps make bad navigators.

[They see the drivers come out of the sewer.]

Bobo: Like I said, monkeys make great navigators.

[After expressing his surprise about Bobo being a talking monkey]

Unknown motor driver: I gotta have one, is he for sale?

Bobo: Brother, you can't afford me.

Bobo: Are you gonna help him?

Six: He's doing fine.

Bobo: Are you watching the same race I am?

[After winning the race]

Rex: Was there any doubt?

Bobo: Yeah, plenty.

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