Coach profile
Vital statistics
Name Coach
Base of operations East Side High School
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relatives Gabriel (son)
Michael (son)
Further info
First appearance "Without a Paddle" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Daran Norris
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Coach is the coach of East Side High School and the father of EVOs Gabriel and Michael.


Coach pushed his sons, Gabriel and Michael, into winning an upcoming table tennis tournament by training them continuously. Coach had found out that they were competing against Noah Nixon and Rex Salazar by sending a student to spy on them, eventually revealing that Rex was an EVO As the tournament started, Coach attempted to enhance Rex's nanite power, causing him to almost lose control. Noah found it and took it off just in time.

When the competition started, Gabriel and Michael were doing well against other players. Eventually, Coach enhanced his sons' power, allowing them to become much more powerful and berserk. Ultimately, the game was destroyed and both teams were disqualified. Coach's sons told him that they would rather play piano than be table tennis players. Taking this into consideration and Rex's support, he gave in. It turned out that in the very end, his sons succeeded in becoming skilled pianists.[1]


Coach is a loud and very competitive. He's constantly seen screaming at his sons and pushing them over the edge just to get better at something. He personally believed that if his sons kept playing table tennis they'd become icons. After his sons told him they didn't like it, he gave them a chance to do what they enjoyed for once, telling them that they'd make him proud.


Gabriel and Michael

"We're gonna get you the best teachers there are and you're going to win gold records and make me proud!"—Coach to Gabriel and Michael[1]
Coach and his sons

Coach with his sons.

Coach and his sons have a somewhat close bond. Since he tries to make it possible for his sons to become really good at something, he can be viewed as a very supporting man. Hence wanting to play piano, he even believed in them. It's also very evident that he doesn't turn his children down for them being EVOs and actually uses their abilities to good use (such as playing piano and playing table tennis). In the very end, they make him a proud father by becoming remarkable pianists.[1]


Season Two


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