El Chupacabra
Vital statistics
Name El Chupacabra
Physical description
Hair color Brown (fur)
Eye color Black
Abilities  ·Poison generation
 ·Peak physical condition
Further info
First appearance "Outpost" (only appearance)
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There are things in this jungle stranger than EVOs and older than man.

Valentina, Outpost

The Chupacabra, also known as El Chupacabra, is a legendary cryptid that lives deep in the South American jungles.


After being mistaken for an EVO, the Chupacabra was captured by Providence. Oso stated that it was one of the most dangerous "EVOs" they had captured, taking down six of his agents. At one point it grabbed and attacked Oso from inside its cage, but the creature was stopped by Rex and Bobo.

Later, the Green Fist broke into Providence and freed the Chupacabra. The Chupacabra attacked the Green Fist in the commotion, scratching and poisoning two members and soon cornered Valentina. When Rex stepped in to save her, the Chupacabra scratched him, poisoning him with a deadly venom.

Rex and Valentina worked together to retrieve a blood sample that could be synthesized into a cure. After putting up a very difficult battle with the Chupacabra, the two managed to capture it in a net and obtain a blood sample. They later freed it after realizing it wasn't an EVO.[1]


The Chupacabra is a fast, agile creature. It can run at speeds where it can even outrun Rex on his Boogie Pack. The Chupacabra can also make remarkable recoveries, as shown when it quickly got up and escaped from many of Rex's powerful attacks and barely flinched after being severely electrocuted. Its large claws and fangs can also be used to its assistance. When it scratches a victim, the Chupacabra releases a highly toxic venom.[1]


Season Two


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