Vital statistics
Name Chiquito
Species Animal EVO
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown and black (fur)
Eye color Black
Abilities Enhanced strength
Relatives Durango (brother)
Enemies Rex Salazar, Claire Bowman, Annie, Noah Nixon
Further info
First appearance "Hermanos" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Christian Lanz
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Chiquito is a minotaur-like EVO who use to own the Salazar ranch until Rex reclaimed it as his family home. He is the brother of Durango.


After Rex's family moved out of their ranch, Chiquito moved into it. He and his brother, Durango, had been controlling most of the land around a small village in Argentina for some time.

When Rex came back to Argentina to reclaim his families ranch, he encountered Chiquito and kicked him out. Angered, Chiquito came back with a Judge Muchado to retrieve his land back. After a deal was made, stating that Rex could keep the ranch if he and his friends properly cared for it in a number of days, he immediately told Durango about the conflict. Durango and his brother attempted to sabotage Rex and his friends from taking care of the farm and fought them. Chiquito went face to face with Annie, who eventually defeated him with her clumsiness.[1]


Befitting his large size and strength, Chiquito is a hot-tempered brute. He also doesn't appear to be very smart, as he considered the word "actually" to be "fancy talk," and he tried to gain back the farm by foolishly trying to burn it down.



Durango is Chiquito's elder brother, Durango seems to have absolute control over his brother, if Chiquito fails a task, Durango would usually push him around and belittle him. Chiquito thinks his brother is rather affectionate and forgiving at the end of their fights, but is actually cruel, as Durango tried to hot brand Chiquito if Rex hadn't stopped him.[1]


Season Three


  • Ironically, "chiquito" means "tiny" in Spanish.


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