Chinese Food Generator Rex

A traditional family meal.

Chinese cuisine is a style of food that has originated from many parts of China. It is served in many Chinese restaurants.[1]


Before going to Hong Kong, Rex was attacked by Breach while delivering Chinese food to Providence, thus causing the food to end up being inedible. Later in Hong Kong, Rex went out with his old gang to eat a traditional Chinese meal.[1]


Kung Pao pork

Kung Pao pork is a Chinese dish. When going out to buy Chinese food for some of the Providence agents, Rex was attacked by Breach who then took the Chinese food and ruined it. Rex reacted by telling Breach "not to mess with Six's Kung Pao pork", implying that Six really enjoys it.[1]


  • Dumplings[1]
  • Steamed buns[1]
  • Lover's prawns[1]



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