The Cartoon Network Action Pack is produced by DC Comics for Cartoon Network and features comics of several of its series, including Generator Rex. Issues that feature Generator Rex include:

Title Written by Penciled by Release date #
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #50" Jacob Black
Rob Hogee &
Eugene Son
Min S. Ku June 2, 2010 50
Action Pack -50
Two huge stories in one comic! First, it's time to introduce the world to Generator Rex! Who is this new hero? What is Providence? And maybe more importantly, who is Bobo Haha? Then, in our second story, it's Ben 10 Ultimate Alien! Ben, Gwen, and Kevin find themselves in a very dangerous situation that can only be solved with an Ultimate solution! Don't miss it!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #51" Rob Hoegee
Eugene Son
Min S. Ku September 15, 2010 51
Action Pack -51
Who is Generator Rex? Not even he knows! How can he cause machinery to grow out of his own body? No idea. What are the limits of his incredible powers? He's just finding out... Check out this full-length story featuring Cartoon Network's newest action hero!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #54" Scott Beatty
Eugene Son
Min S. Ku November 24, 2010 54
Action Pack 54
What happens when Van Kleiss meets a beautiful EVO who is every bit his intellectual match? When this love connection comes together, it could mean the end of the world as we know it! Hopefully Rex and Bobo can stop their diabolical plan before it's too late!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #57" Scott Beatty
Eugene Son
Michael Bowden
Luciano A Vecchio
February 23, 2011 57
Action Pack 57
Rex and Bobo race against time to save a group of Biodome scientists from a pair of out-of-control EVOs!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #59" Aaron Williams
Jason Bischoff
Michael Bowden
Luciano A Vecchio
April 27, 2011 59
Action Pack 59
Rex and Bobo's roughhousing leads to an accident in Doc Holiday's lab, temporarily turning Rex into the mechanically-monstrous EVO he was never meant to be! Does Bobo have what it takes to change his friend back, or will Six have to ground them both forever?
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #60" Aaron Williams
Eugene Son
Michael Bowden
Ethen Charles Beavers
May 25, 2011 60
Action Pack 60
When Rex thinks he's too far from normal teen experiences, Noah invites Rex to the beach for a grunion run with a bunch of other teens. Unfortunately, this year's crop of grunion includes EVO grunion – and they drag their victims out to sea!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #63" Rex Ogle
Jason Bischoff
Min S. Ku
Michael Bowden
August 24, 2011 63
Action Pack 63
While having a bad dream, Van Kleiss unknowingly creates an evil duplicate of Rex from the soil of Abysus. Now forced to fight this nanite-hungry creation, will he and The Pack have what it takes to stop the Replicant, or will the real Rex be forced to clean up this mess for him – Smack Hands style?
"Hero Times Two" Rob Hoegee
Eugene Son
Min S. Ku November 30, 2011 65
Hero Times Two
While chasing the Pack through a dimensional portal, Rex ends up on another Earth and runs into its hero Ben Tennyson! The two heroes must team up to figure out what the Pack is up to and stop them!
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #66"

Charles Skaggs
Jacob Black

Adam Archer
Luciano A Vecchio
January 11, 2012 66
Action Pack 66
Desperate for help with last-minute holiday shopping, Rex heads to the mall with a caffeine-deprived Dr. Holiday. Is doing a little shopping and flirting with cute girls too much to ask? Maybe you should ask the ginormous EVO.
"Cartoon Network Action Pack #67" Jason Bischoff Michael Cavallaro March 14, 2012 67
Action Pack 67
Bobo's favorite fez is destroyed during a battle with a rampaging EVO and he insists on taking Rex to get a replacement. One problem, though... The only hat shop he trusts is all the way in Morocco and it's under siege by a vicious local gang of EVOs. Are fezzes cool enough to be worth all this trouble?

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