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Season 1

String Theory

Captain Calan: (to White Knight) Roger that!

Captain Calan: (to Providence agent) Fall back! Fall back!

Beyond the Sea

Captain Calan: (as heard during mission briefing) Blah, blah, blah...incursion....blah, blah, blah...

The Forgotten

Captain Calan: (meeting Six and Rex) Agent Six it's good to see you again... (both men shakes hands) you too Rex. (He notices data rod on Rex neck) Specially glad to see that.

Captain Calan: (to Six about NoFace) He's crazy! this ship ain't goin' anywhere without engines.

Captain Calan: (to Rex) Nicely done Rex!

The Swarm

Agent Six: Captain Calan, welcome to the fight.
Captain Calan: Wouldn't miss it!

Captain Calan: (Referring to the great Chinese wall and the E.V.O. swarm) This thing was built to hold up a Mongols on the horseback - not that.

Promises, Promises

Captain Calan: (to Agent Six about Bobo) I found him on a (??) this time. He was threating to push The Button unless someone brought him a thousand pounds of caviar.
Bobo Haha: Chimps gonna eat.


Captain Calan: (to Rex and Noah) You actually want me to let you fly the Keep? (Both teens nod their heads) Argh... only until the next course change... And nothing fancy!

Captain Calan: (to Doctor Holiday) Doc, if you excuse me.

Captain Calan: (to Van Kleiss) What's your game Van Kleiss?!

Captain Calan: (to Rex after being cured) I don't want to do that again, no sir!

Season 3

Black and White

Captain Calan: (Comlinks to other agents about the doors that have been busted through and the broken security camera) Be advised, we got activity. (Kneels to the ground, looking at the possibly dead E.V.O) Major activity.
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