Caesar's suit

Caesar enters Providence in his suit.

Caesar Salazar's suit is a large suit owned by Caesar Salazar. It is worn when entering into dangerous battles.


Caesar's suit mostly resembles an atmospheric diving suit. When worn, it makes the wearer appear larger than usual. It has a large glowing plate in the middle of its chest and has pockets strapped around its waist filled with equipment.


Finally locating the Omega-1 Nanite unknowingly inside Rex, Caesar broke into Providence with ease with the guidance of his suit.[1]


  • Sonic device: The sonic device is a rod-like weapon that sends out invisible waves that can knock opponents unconscious with ease. He used it on several Providence agents when entering without warning.[1]
  • Access switch: The tool appears to be similar to a remote control; with a switch of a button, it can open a door without any special access pass. He used this tool to get past Providence doors.[1]
  • Smoke bombs: Sealed in his pockets, smoke bombs can be used to create smoke screens to create cover.[1]
  • Shield: Caesar's shield looks similar to a metal umbrella. With a shield so powerful, it was capable of blocking and reflecting gunshots.[1]


Season Two


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