Cabo Luna
Cabo luna
Name Cabo Luna
Location South America
Points of interest Beach, resort, volleyball court, all-terrain track road
Visitors Rex, Bobo Haha, Noah, Circe, Agent Six, Biowulf, Breach
First appearance "Beyond the Sea" (only appearance)

Cabo Luna is a famous beach resort known for being a spring break retreat. It is located in the equatorial region of the globe.[1]


Cabo Luna was mentioned by Captain Calan during the routine morning briefs in Providence Headquarters. Providence took interest in the resort because there were reports on possible EV activity there. Bobo Haha suggested that Rex take Noah and went to Cabo Luna to escape from Providence. Cabo Luna was the place where Rex met Circe for the first time and the place where the Sea Monster EVO lurked. After Rex defeated the sea monster and the Pack left with Circe, there were no further reports on serious trouble in Cabo Luna.[1]


Cabo Luna is a famous resort area known mostly for the beach. It has a volleyball court where teams play and draw crowds of spectators. Not far from the beach is a desert for all-terrain track road. There are also cottages where the visitors can spend the rest of their night. There is also a restaurant established near the beach.[1]



  • In "The Architect", Bobo falsely sent Agent Six to Cabo Luna when asked to reveal where Rex had run off to.[2]
  • Cabo Luna can loosely be translated into "Moon Cape".
  • Cabo Luna's longitude and latitude are given as "19, 96" by Dr. Holliday in "Beyond the Sea."


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