Buchiner profile
Vital statistics
Name Buchiner
Species Human
Aliases Puke-ner (students)
Mr. B (Rex)
Affiliation(s) Benjamin Franklin High School (teacher)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Abilities Mathematician
Allies Rex Salazar
Further info
First appearance "Without a Paddle"
Last appearance "Grounded"
Portrayed by: Tom Kenny
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Just because I don't like table tennis doesn't mean I'm a jerk.

–Buchiner about himself.[1]

Mr. Buchiner is a trigonometry teacher at Benjamin Franklin High School.


Rumored to be a harsh trigonometry teacher, he first appeared when Rex enrolled himself at Benjamin Franklin High School, Noah's school. He gave out a pop quiz while in the middle of the school's preparation for a table tennis tournament, potentially ruining the students' chances of staying involved in the school sport if they had failed. Rex passed, which made him and the school very proud. Later when Rex fought Gabriel and Michael, Buchiner helped Rex by giving him quick advice with trigonometry formulas and codes that helped Rex defeat them.[1]

He made another brief appearance when he caught Noah talking to Rex in the middle of class on his cellular phone. In return, Buchiner gave him detention.[2]


Season Two


  • Due to the fact that Buchiner wears a green suit, Rex was positive that the man is the sixth most deadliest teacher on the planet. This is a reference to Agent Six, who also wears a green suit and is the sixth most deadliest person on the planet.
  • Buchiner appears to be the only person in Benjamin Franklin High that does not love table tennis.
  • Buchiner wanted to have a pony (and got it).


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