Breach: I give nothing, never, I take.

Rex Salazar: .... Anyone here? (Rex spots a broken manikin that's missing an arm and an eye and freezes) ... Anyone with a pulse?..... Man, that's creepy.

Rex : (a person disappears after being cured) Okay, what just happened?
Little Girl: That one was broken. And she always gets rid of the broken ones.
(back in the place of Breach's custody)
Breach:I don't want it, no good, no good.

Breach: (to Doctor Holiday): You think I'll tell you now? No, no, never, no.

Breach: Van Kleiss isn't always in charge of me. Sometimes I do what I want... like now.

Rebecca Holiday: (about Breach) She still has her powers, but with her hands restrained, she won't be able to cut open a portal big enough to step through. Just... don't... touch... her.

Breach: It's a school. But it's not a school. But it is a school.
Doctor Holiday: What's that supposed to mean?
Breach: That Rex is too cool for school, and he's no tool. You're the fool.

Doctor Holiday: (to Breach) This may hurt a little.
(A probe is fired at Breach, she opens a small portal, then it disappears.)
Doctor Holiday: Reflex - she instinctively opened a portal to protect herself. Remember that "No touching" rule? Would have made a big mess, had I been wrong. That was probe we shot into you, Breach. You sent it to Helsinki.

Agent Six: (as Bobo enters a cave) I wouldn't advise going in there.
Bobo Haha: Does the word melanoma mean anything to you? You want to wait in the sun? Go right ahead.
(Bobo enters the cave, then comes running out)
Bobo Haha: On the other hand, who doesn't love fresh air?
(an Evo scorpion exits the cave)

Rex: Just like summer camp, huh?

Rex: It looks like you're the most popular kid in the town! You do know how to laugh, right?
(the blonde girl stays quiet) Creepy...

Doctor Holiday: Rex! You've figured it out!
Rex: Yes, I know, I'm a genius. Wait... what did I figure out?
Doctor Holiday: What Greenfield is! Breach's personal doll-house... and you're her newest doll.
Rex: OK, can we at least say action figure?

Breach: (to Doctor Holiday): Try low, try high, little Ms. Smarty Skirt; nothing, you'll get nothing from me!

Doctor Holiday: (to Breach) If getting Rex back means I have to tear you apart molecule-by-molecule, fine! Prep the next sequence of probes, 12 per minute.
Rex: I'd really like to get out of here, Doc.
Doctor Holiday: I'm not going to let anything happen to you, Rex. I promise.

Rex: Maybe when she sucked up Greenville, she never spit it out.
Doctor Holiday: Separate dimension only she can access. YOU have him, don't you?
Breach: Mmm, he's my new favorite. Shiny shiny.
Doctor Holiday: Did you hear that, Rex?
Rex: Sweet. I always wanted to be some psycho girl's favorite toy.
Little Girl: I'm her favorite! You take that back!

(the blonde girl reveals her E.V.O. form)
Rex: E.V.O.! I knew it! No wonder you didn't laugh at my jokes... Oh, wow, you're less more adorable now.

Rex: (to Rebecca Holiday) Doc, I think I just found Breach's interior decorator!

Bobo Haha: (Firing at a E.V.O. Scorpion) Well, I'll put him right back to sleep.
Agent Six: No! Don't! There might be a (Bobo's blast hits a hill, more evo scorpions come out)...nest... Nice work.
Bobo Haha: Would you believe it's all part of Bobo's master plan?

Doctor Holiday: Rex, what's going on?
Rex: I think I'm being promoted to BFF. And let's just say this little girl isn't made of sugar or spice. I'm going to cure her.

Doctor Holiday: I know you can't have it all, Breach. Rex doesn't belong to you! If you want this to stop, it's easy. Let him go!
Breach: NO! He's mine now. My new favorite.

Breach: Rex can stack things too, and he's shiny and new. The other one is old, I'm tired of old.

Breach: (second time talking to Rex) GRAHHH! You're messing up everything!

Agent Six: Our transport should be here any second. Just don't let these things surround you. (Six realizes he's surrounded, and spots Bobo also surrounded)
Bobo Haha: Did you say "let them surround you" or "don't let them surround you?"

Breach: My only would have been perfect.

Rex: (as Holiday hugs him) Huh? I should get kidnapped more often.

Bobo Haha: So, how'd it feel in there?
Rex: I don't know. Empty, I guess. I've never felt so completely alone. She had a lot of things, but things can't make up for people.
Bobo Haha: You're not feeling sorry for her?
Rex: No way! It just makes me glad to have what I have.
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