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Breach: I give nothing, never, I take.

Breach: I don't want it. No good, no good.

Breach: (To Doctor Holiday): You think I'll tell you now? No, no, never, no.

Breach: Van Kleiss isn't always in charge of me. Sometimes I do what I want... Like now.

Breach: (To Doctor Holiday): Try low, try high, little Ms.Smarty Skirt; nothing, you'll get nothing from me!

Breach: It's a school. But it's not a school. But it is a school.
Doctor Holiday: What's that supposed to mean?
Breach: That Rex is too cool for school and he's no tool. You're the fool.

Rex: Maybe when she sucked up Greenville, she never spit it out.
Doctor Holiday: Separate dimension only she can access. YOU have him, don't you?
Breach: Mmm, he's my new favorite. Shiny shiny.
Doctor Holiday: Did you hear that, Rex?
Rex: Sweet. I always wanted to be some psycho girl's favorite toy.
Breach's Favorite: I'm her favorite! You take that back!

Doctor Holiday: I know you can't have it all, Breach. Rex doesn't belong to you! If you want this to stop, it's easy. Let him go!
Breach: NO! He's mine now. My new favorite.

Breach: (Second time talking to Rex): GRAHHH! You're messing up everything!

Breach: My only place... It would have been perfect.
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