Branden Moses
Branden Moses
Vital statistics
Name Branden Moses
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Eye color Blue
Abilities High intelligence
Enemies Rebecca Holiday, Agent Six, Five, Rex Salazar
Further info
First appearance "A Family Holiday" (only appearance)
Portrayed by: Nolan North
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Doctor Branden Moses was a scam artist and former scientist. He was head of a company called Moses Labs, a facility that worked on a ways to cure EVOs.


While he did find a way of curing EVOs from their mutations, he also discovered that he could modify their personalities and accelerate their mutations into living weapons of mass destruction, which he found to be both easier and more profitable.

He announced a breakthrough in nanite research that allowed him to dramatically reverse EVO mutations, and gave a demonstration using an EVO and, either an actress with a set of prosthetic tentacles or an EVO with tentacles playing the part of the "cured EVO". Having convinced hundreds, possibly thousands, of people (including Dr. Holiday who added her sister Beverly Holiday to Branden's ranks) that he had made a breakthrough, dozens of intelligent but physically deformed, incurable EVOs lined up to be cured.

Branden Moses auction

Branden speaking to his customers.

Instead, they were kidnapped and brought to a lab in the Arctic Circle where their mutations were amplified and were ready to be auctioned off to the warlord with the deepest pockets. However, Dr. Holiday along with Agent Six, Rex and a strike team of Providence agents invaded the lab and he was forced to make a quick getaway by releasing the EVOs.[1]


Branden Moses is a deceitful and cunning man. Although he was considered to be one of the most highly regarded researchers, he still managed to keep his scams and fraud from the public.[1]


Branden Moses is a top lab researcher known by many for his intelligence and outstanding inventions. He has proficient knowledge of nanite technology, as shown when he knew how to overpower nanite activity, accelerate EVO transformations, and modify EVOs' behavior patterns.


Season Two


  • In the beginning of the episode "A Family Holiday", his name on the panel outside the building where he is doing his presentation is written "Brandon". However, in the end credits his name is properly spelled "Branden".
  • His last name Moses is incredibly ironic, considering that he basically intends to enslave the EVOs in his care, the opposite of what the Biblical Moses would do (free slaves).


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